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Sunday, December 09, 2007


Judy from Grandmother Stories is right. Moving to the UK involves a lot of rubbish. Big mounds of garbage unfortunately. However, on the bright side, we’ve managed to chip away at a teeny tiny section of that garbage and whoohoo – we’re almost settled.

We have a roof over our heads and that roof comes with a nice warm kitchen. What more could you ask for? Um, well, that kitchen could have come with a gas cooker however, it has electric hobs!! I’m not usually best friends with electric cookers however I think I’m going to have to make an effort this time. I tend to forget that you have to take pots and pans off the hobs once I’m done otherwise it will continue to cook (and burn) while the hob cools down!

Other than that, a new and extremely frustrating and exhausting job (and life) has unfortunately robbed me of all creativity and prevented me from blogging (and also reading your blogs) more often (If only money grew on trees!).

My lack of energy has definitely been reflected in my poor attempts at cooking. I’m sure Hubs will start complaining soon about having to eat the same things night after night after night. However, I still prefer to eat my boring attempts at cooking rather than Hubs’ attempts (trust me it’s not pretty when he gets in the kitchen!). Anyway, I not only need a ‘money tree’, I also need an ‘energy tree’!

This has been our dinner for the last 2 nights running: stir fry green beans and tofu with rice…zzzzzzzzzzzz. Well, at least it’s balanced!

Also, a big thank you to all of you for checking back here to make sure that I’m still surviving England and the English weather!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tortilla du Fond du Frigo

Firstly, I'm going to just say that I’m never ever ever moving countries (except either back to France or Australia of course) ever again! I won’t share the gory details but let’s just say it has been a complete nightmare, what with the house hunting, the job hunting and everything else!

We’re currently living out of our backpacks and in various B&Bs in the lovely Surrey countryside, which actually sounds more exotic (and expensive!) than it actually is. On the bright side…we’ll hopefully be settled in…say…2 months!

Otherwise, moving enables you to develop creativity by trying to use up all the odd bits and pieces that are left in your fridge 2 days before you move out. (I don’t like wasting!)

Here’s what I chaotically put together with what wasn’t already green with mould in our Frankfurt fridge - a tortilla.

A Tortilla du Fond du Frigo (loosely translated to “Bottom of the Fridge Tortilla”) to be precise. I like to give my meals French names – it sounds much more posh and edible ;-)

1 spanish onion diced
1 medium sweet potato sliced (I microwaved the sweet potato slices in order to cook the tortilla faster)
½ a very wrinkly old red capsicum sliced
7 eggs
lots of minced garlic
bits of left-over, wilted “fresh” coriander chopped
½ tsp salt (or to taste)
pepper to taste
olive oil for cooking

There are probably a million ways to make a tortilla but I beat eggs in a bowl and added the cooked sweet potato, red capsicum, salt, pepper and coriander to the eggs.

I first gently browned the diced onion and garlic in a non-stick pan. I then added a little bit more oil to the pan and then poured in the egg mixture. The egg mixture was cooked over a low fire until it was pretty firm. Then the hard part, I flipped the entire tortilla over to cook the top-side. Do this carefully as if you have a big pan, the big omelette will break up into little pieces…though, this is still very edible!

And voila, 20-30 minutes later, you have a delish hot meal to sit down to!
Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes. Hehe! But after the move we’ve just had, you’re all obviously not wishing hard enough! ;-)
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