Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Easy Peasy Apple Cake

I’m a sucker for sales.  Every time I see a “buy one get one free” sign, before you can even say ‘sucker’, I’m at the till handing over my cash! 

I bought 2 large packs of apples a couple of weeks ago.  Yep, you know it, buy one get one free!  While the whole family loves apples, we’re starting to get a bit tired of them.  2 weeks later, there are still a couple of apples turning slightly soft and wrinkly in the fruit bowl!  Perfect for apple cake! 

Anyway, I love this recipe which has been adapted from another recipe that a friend passed on to me on a scrap piece of paper.  It’s quick and it only takes 1 bowl…well, 2 if you use another bowl for weighing your ingredients….oh and a measuring cup….and a spoon….ok, there’s still a bit of washing up to do! J  Plus, with all that apple in the cake, it’s ‘almost’ healthy!

What I used:
3-4 wrinkly apples (it was more like 3.5 apples as 1 apple was mushy on 1 side!)
¼ tsp of cinnamon
2 tbsps lemon juice
115g caster sugar
125ml olive oil or vegetable oil (I use olive most of the time)
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
150g plain flour
1.5 tsp baking powder

What I did
1. Peel (urggh I don't like peeling apples) and chop the apples into little bits.
2. Mix diced apples, lemon juice and cinnamon.
3. Preheat oven to 160C (fan)/180C.
4. Grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper.
5. Mix caster sugar and oil with a whisk (I used a hand mixer).
6. Add eggs and vanilla.  Whisk again.
7. Weigh flour, add baking powder and mix.
8. Fold in dry ingredients to the caster sugar, oil and egg mixture.
9. Fold in chopped apple.
10. Pour into baking tin and bake for about 45 minutes.
11. Cool the cake and eat!


  1. Looks good! Haven't made apple cake for ages.

    1. Thx! Time to make some apple cake in that case :-)

  2. I have some apples hanging around, great idea. Love quick breads!

  3. You're not the only one who is a sucker for sales; me too! Once my bestie bought 3kg of carrots and had to figure out what to do with them. That's when recipes like these come in handy. :D

    1. What did you do with 3kg of carrots? :-)

    2. My bestie made some Indian dessert with the carrots. Don't remember what the dish was called but it was sweet and yummy! :D

  4. Oooh, look at all those chunks of apples! I love sales as well - I always feel like I'm getting a great deal and can't pass it up!

  5. I am one of the 'sucker' too ;P
    Seriously...its not us, its them (the items on offer).. I tell you they have legs, they walked, ran and somersaulted into our trolleys ;P

    Beautiful bake and lovely to have with afternoon tea :)

  6. Lovely and beautiful cake. Well done!


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