Thursday, April 19, 2007

German Kangeroos

We’ve finally landed in this strange land of beer and sausages. Having explored the tiny town where we’re temporarily staying, I headed into the equally tiny supermarket to see what they had on their shelves. Given that this is a really small town built around a car manufacturer, or the car manufacturer was built around the town…I’m not sure which one came first…you know, the chicken or the egg….

Anyway, firstly, Germans seem to be a health–conscious lot; despite their stereotypical love of beer and sausages, and are really into organic food which is great to see. Even in a small local supermarket, the shelves were loaded with organic supplies.

Secondly, I found a little bit of Australia in this supermarket! A kangaroo snack! No, not a snack for kangaroos ie. not kangaroo food. People-food shaped in tiny kangaroos. They were paprika flavoured-baked (or fried – I’m not sure I can’t read German!) snacks but they were so cute! And yummy!

Diet – I need to remember that I’m attempting to diet!


  1. Heh heh, I read some trivia this week about "kangaroo" actually meaning "I don't understand" in the aboriginal language.. wonder how true that is! :)

  2. Snack food is my food!
    You like spicy chocolates, and spicy savory bakes, don't you ? :D

  3. Shilpa: You know, I've heard that as well - I'll have to look it up to see where the word comes from.
    Tigerfish: I LOVE savoury snack food! Though I should really eat less! All those chemicals going in my body can't be good for me!

  4. were they cheesy tasting at all? they look like cheese snacks. :D they looked baked.

  5. BC - hmm, they do look cheesy but they were actually paprika flavoured - as for idea - haven't figured out the German on the packet yet!

  6. Yes yes, savory snack food for me too! And usually savory food for me! Eg I prefer curry puffs or chicken pie to an apple pie...:p

    Hey, I forgot you were moving and tagged you earlier in my blog for "5 fav. places to eat at your location"...wonder if you are keen to share the food joy around, whereever you are at now. France, Germany, or even Melbourne? Keen? Go check out my post Yum Yum Sup Sup! Don't be obliged though since you I know you are constantly on the move. At your own pace, if you love to share the food joy around.:D

  7. Thanks for the tag! I'm definitely up for sharing the food joy around! We finally found a place to live so hopefully we'll have internet set up within a week or so! I soooo miss having the internet!

  8. Hey, Thanks a lot for dropping by.
    those Kangaroos look so cute. what a creation!!
    You had asked about Rasam in my blog.
    its a hot and sour soup relished with rice. Tarmarind, tomato,cilantro and even Dal(lentil) is used to make this soup. its tastes tangy and is a comfort food. there are 100 different varieties of rasams.:)). you don't get it at stores. you have to make it at home just like soup. if you want to make one pls let me know. will help you out.

  9. Hi Sharmi. I'll definitely have to email you on the rasams! It sounds like a good winter soup.


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