Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I have to admit, German food is still a bit of a mystery to me. However it’s not all sausages and sauerkraut.

A few weeks ago, at a loss for what to eat at a local restaurant (I didn’t feel like the over seasoned, greasy sausages), I tried the Kässpätzle (cheesy Spätzle topped with a generous serving of fried caramelised onions) and was hooked on this comfort food.

What is Spätzle you ask? This is Spätzle.

I agree, it looks a little scary. Kinda like a ton load of little white worms trying to wriggle their way out of the frying pan!

Spätzle is basically like weird textured pasta, made from flour and eggs and is served instead of potatoes with meat or just on its own as a main dish.

Ready-made Spätzle can be found in the fresh pasta section of supermarkets, or you can just make it yourself. I cheated and bought mine ready-made from the supermarket.

Recipe for calorie-packed very-moreish plain Spätzle with onions
1 packet fresh Spätzle
1 onion

Dice onion and fry in a pan. Add
Spätzle and fry till cooked.

Looks completely bizarre but let me assure you, it’s very yummy comfort (and very anti-diet) food!

If you’re a addicted to chilli like I am, eat your Spätzle with sweet chilli sauce. That’s how I eat my Spätzle!


  1. Hehe. I was totally thinking worms when I saw that picture. :)

  2. its looks like kuih bawang
    is it tested good?

  3. ya I too thought it looked weird like worms. but when you explained it didn't look that bad.

  4. No Spätzle for me :) I'll stick with rice.

  5. Hahah...same here...worms worms. :O

  6. WanderingC: Yep - witchetty grubs. That's what it looks like!

    Isha: what is Kuih Bawang? I know what kuih means, and bawang is onion. Onion kuih? Yep - the spatzle wasn't bad. tastes a bit like pasta.

    Sharmi: It is actually quite tasty!

    Simcooks & Tigerfish: hehe - I had to try something new! i actually quite like it.

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  8. hey w&s, new layout, nice :) I thought they were some crispy noodle crackers or something, these ppl. here got dirty thoughts..worms hehe. Btw, you asked what oil I use for the pandan cakes yea ? I used canola, is tt okay ? :)

  9. looks yummy :) frankly i didnt know germany food :D

  10. Hi..thanks for dropping by! Thanks for the introduction to German food. Now, I shall know what Spatzle is if I ever see it on the menu. ;-)

  11. MeltingWok: Hello. Layout is ok - I'm not very creative - just need something easy to maintain!
    Thx for the canola oil. I was just interested. when I make pandan cake - I use corn oil. I'm not sure if it makes a difference from one oil to another!

    Lia: Hi Lia - German food is interesting - very heavy!

    LyricalLemongrass: Hiya. Spatzle is weird. I've never actually seen it anywhere else before!

  12. Hi W & S! I've had spätzle before, but they were mushier, flatter and had less form, haha! And completely slathered in a very greasy cheese sauce, so I only managed to eat half...

  13. wow interesting looking! :D will it at my local grocer or just in Germany? :D

  14. Hi Shilpa! I've had the spätzle that you're talking about! In restaurants here, it's served as a main meal - plain, some onions and smothered in cheese! (I actually ate all of it!! shhhhhhh!)

    Buddingcook: Hmmm...I have to say, I haven't seen this anywhere else other than in Germany...but then I haven't been looking elsewhere! Let me know if you see any where you are!


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