Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Do-not-try-this-yourself Apple Crumble Muffins

Ok, I’m going to firstly put the following disclaimer:
Please do not try the following in your own homes

You might risk having to eat dry muffins (not the English kind)/cupcakes for 4 days in a row!

Yes, I have been baking again. This time, I made muffins (or cupcakes if you prefer). Lots of muffins (What’s the difference between muffins and cupcakes anyway?).

I have this muffin recipe that I’ve been using to make banana choc chip muffins for years now. And it used to work well every single time. The problem is, I recently decided to try to adapt the recipe to make other muffins. Not so wise a choice unfortunately!

I saw this recipe and thought that I’d make pretty much the same thing only it seemed to be more like an apple crumble muffin to me. So, I made apple-crumble-muffins.

So I used my own basic muffin recipe, added 1 diced apple and topped it with the crumble topping found in this recipe (Note that I only used the crumble topping from this recipe, not the rest of the recipe).

Sure, the idea seemed great…and the results are ok…for the first day at least. However, on the second day, the muffins started to get a little dry (ok, very dry!), and by the third day, every time I took a bite, I ended up spluttering and choking on dry crumbs!

I won’t post my dry apple muffin recipe because there are definitely some better recipes around. However, the crumble topping that I adapted from the recipe turned out great!

Crumble Topping (adapted from
5 tbs brown sugar
2 tbs butter melted
½ tsp cinnamon
3 tbs flour
5 tbs rolled oats

And voila, the results! I can’t make them look good no matter how hard I try. They look a little like they have a skin disease! But trust me – they were really good for 1 day!
Anyway, all that was before I found this great site:

I think I’ll just stick to the recipe in future!


  1. Hmmm...anyway, the photo looks great. Can I link your blog?. Are you still in Frankfurt for longer time or...?.

  2. hey, they r great muffins. i never bake muffin b4. thanks for the link of joyofbaking. i had toooo many banana left over. and i thing im gonna try to make banana muffin. wish me luck ya hehehe...

  3. on my eyes ur muffin looks great and nothing wrong with it, anyway u took great shoot photo ;)

  4. The great thing about dry muffins is that you can always dress them up with frosting or simply dunk them. However you have great-looking muffins! (no sexual connotation there, ok?) :)

  5. Crumbles aren't supposed to look good, they're supposed to taste good, and it sounds like your recipe is a keeper.

    Cupcakes are a smaller version of a cake. Muffins are, I think, classified with quick breads. So, a denser texture? Although, really, they overlap a lot.

  6. Hey, Wok&Spoon, your cupcakes look homey and inviting actually. :)

    I Sha, I've been baking many variations of banana muffins. This is my fav:

    100g butter
    4 1/2 tbs sugar (light brown)
    2 eggs, minus a half white, beaten
    1/4 tsp salt
    1 cup flour
    1 tsp baking powder
    1 1/2 mashed or sliced ripe banana

    Cream butter & sugar together. Add sugar and then eggs. Mix salt, flour & b powder, then add to butter mixture. Add banana. Mix lightly. (Never overmix!) Spoon into muffin pan. (Add any topping u like: chopped walnut, white choc, milk choc.) Bake at 180 degrees C for 23 minutes.

  7. The surface looks like my rock cookies :D

    Hey, at least they were good for a day. If it's too dry, maybe you can try steaming them. Then you can have those Chinese "cupcakes" lai gou...if you know what kind of cupcakes I am tokking about ? ;p
    I'm not sure if you can try the steaming method.

  8. Well, at least it tasted good for one day. :) I like V's way of dunk it in coffee when it turned dry.

  9. I like apple crumble muffins, especially the crumble part.

    p/s New template I see. Love the blueberries (and strawberries).

  10. I'd risk it if I eventually ended up with something that looked like those :) I can always make them to share at the office -- this guarantees there will be nothing left after a day.

  11. Hi Retno: Thx. Yep - feel free to link my blog. I've linked your Kedai Hamburg.
    As for Frankfurt...we're still not sure but we might be moving again at the end of August!

    Isha: Yeah, that joyofbaking link looks really good! Good luck with your banana muffins!

    Lia: Thx! Too bad the muffins were a bit dry though ;-)

    EastMeetsWestKitchen: Thx! Yep - there was a lot of dunking going on with those muffins!

    Lynn: I don't know about the recipe being a keeper - the muffins got pretty dry!
    I'll be experimenting more in the weeks to come I think!
    And thanks for your explanation for the muffin/cup cake thing - they look a bit the same to me ;-)

    Argus: Thanks for your muffin recipe! I'll have to try this one out!

    Tigerfish: Hehe - I don't know about steaming them! Aren't those chinese cupcakes made out of something else other than flour?

    LittleCornerofMine: Yep - I dunked..but I prefer not to dunk

    LeePing: Thanks! I got a bit bored with the old template but I'm not very html/css savvy so I have to keep things simple.

  12. Kelly: Hehe - good idea. Offload dry muffins on someone else ;-)

  13. yum yum yum! i love your header... :D blueberries..

  14. that new look of your blog rocks!! it looks so nice.
    I loved the look of crumbled topping of the muffin. yummy looking and the oatmeal cookie is surely heaven.

  15. What a beautiful blog you have here, wow!

  16. BuddingCook: Thx. Hehe - I had to physically clean each blueberry that you see in that photo! (just the top layer - not the whole cup!)

    Sharmi: Thx. Yeah, I should stop baking soon - I keep eating all these goodies!

    Patricia: Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hi, W&S. Are dried cranberries expensive in your neck of the woods? In Switzerland, they're like CHF4 (2.80 euros) for only 100g. I balked.

  18. Hi Argus: Yep - dried cranberries are a little bit expensive - I paid about 2EUR for 125g. But I like them too much to not buy them ;-)

  19. of course when you start the post with "do not try this" my rebel-like mind immediately goes DINGDINGDING!! Must try!

    I need help. i know.
    Skin diseased muffins look good!

  20. SteamyKitchen: hehe - ok, try..but use a good muffin recipe! Not a dry muffin recipe!

  21. Been there, done that ... ouch! sure painful to have to eat it for days. Lucky for me, my darling half who is so sweet, will eat whatever I cook or bake even when they didn't turn out good, is willing to finish it between us.

  22. Simple is the way to go. Simple yet professional looking.

  23. This looks like something I will have to try to make myself.. For years, I have been making choc. chip banana bread and also adding pieces of chopped fresh fruit- mangoes, peaches- raspberries (whole, of course) and in a load form I believe the texture is quite different from the texture of a muffin.. maybe it has something to do with the overall volume and the cooking process... but try your muffins in a loaf pan and see if they come out different tasting.. It seems to last a bit longer, too.. as the loaf stays fresher in that form than the muffins... Let me know if you like it!

  24. CookingNinja: hehe - that's like my husband - he's the "rubbish bin"!

    LeePing: Thx. Wish they tasted better though.

    Islandgirl: oooo - mangoes! that's a great idea! I'll have to try the banana bread!


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