Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ginger Tuna Patties with Wakame Salad and Wasabi

I think the lack of sugar and fat in my food has been robbing me of any little creativity that I had in the kitchen, plus I’m still stuck in wakame land! On top of that, I love canned tuna so what better to make then tuna patties to sit on top of yet more wakame!

Making tuna patties is pretty basic and I’m sure everyone’s tried them at least once. Here’s what I used:

Tuna Patties
2 eggs
2 x 200g canned tuna
1/4 cup flour
3 stalks green onions diced finely
2 tsp ginger minced
1/4 capsicum
1/3 tsp salt

Combine all ingredients.
Drop spoonfuls onto a heated and oiled frying pan. Flatten the spoonfuls into patties and fry both sides until browned and cooked.

For the salad, I used cucumber, wakame and sesame seeds. I also recycled the salad dressing recipe that I used in my last wakame adventure.

However this time, once the tuna patties and the salad had been assembled, I drizzled a slightly runny wasabi paste over the whole dish! It definitely gave the meal a bit of a kick!

I usually buy wasabi in powder form. A Japanese friend once told me that I should only prepare the paste just before using as the flavour tends to evaporate. For this meal, I made my wasabi paste runnier that I usually have it when I’m eating sushi or sashimi.

Runny wasabi paste
½ tsp wasabi powerpowder
3 tsp water

Mix well and spoon into mouth…, drizzle on the tuna patties and salad!

Voila, another healthy meal! (I don’t think I can take this salad eating much longer!)


  1. 'Wasabe power' - that's a nice slip of the finger, WokandSpoon!

    Oh, do I know what you mean by "don't think I can take this salad eating any longer!"? One just needs one's noodle, rice or potatoes once every 2 or 3 days, ya? (Don't forget the 'sweet, crispy, buttery or salty' essential food group, too.) ;-P

  2. Love the looks of your crispy tuna patties on the salad and go easy on the wasabi spooning 'into mouth,' ok? ;)

  3. Ginger with tuna is a great combo. I'll add that in my tuna (or even salmon) patties next time. Thanks for the tip :-)

  4. Hi there!, thanks for visiting my blog. We are quite alike in some ways, I love spicy M'sian food but I can't go without rice for more than a day. I would feel literally ill! BTW, you've got a lovely blog!

  5. More wakame, how exciting. I love wasabi as well, but I usually just go with the prepared tubes you can get at supermarkets. I love this dish, I'm going to have to try it.

  6. Love your ginger tuna patties! And the wakame and cucumber provide the extra crunch to your meal.

  7. I don't like wasabe. Hmm.. chilli sauce should do, huh?

  8. You are still eating so healthy :) I heard wasabi comes in many "fake" forms nowadays...those as powder or paste in tubes etc are mostly mustard added green coloring...not sure if I'm goin to believe it (read it off a reputable magazine)...the real wasabi should be the plant/root and yes, like what you said, when you want to use, then make them into a paste.
    Luckily I don't like wasabi so much.

  9. Argus: Hey – good spotting. I didn’t see that at all! My parents-in-law (one set – I have 2 sets of parents-in-law bec Hubs’ parents are divorced! Can you imagine – 2 mothers-in –law! Good thing I get along with them both!) are staying with us this weekend so we’ll be dining on lots of sweet, crispy, butter, fried stuff I’m sure!

    EastMeetsWest: Hopefully it’s the last salad for the week ;-)

    NoraB: Yep – I love my ginger and could have actually put in more!

    Ohfortheloveoffood: Thx for dropping by as well! Yep – I’m definitely feeling ill from the lack of rice ;-)

    Kelly: Yep – I’ve been going wakame crazy lately! I still have about half a packet left so I’ll be eating more wakame in the weeks to come!

    LittleCornerofMine: Thx! All I need now is rice!

    TummyThoz: Sweet chilli sauce would be good too! Or even ketchup ;-)

    Tigerfish: You know, I read that somewhere as well – but I wouldn’t know how to tell the difference – whether it’s real or not ;-) I tried to read my little tin of wasabi but it’s in Japanese and I don’t understand Japanese  I’ll have to do some investigation.

  10. ur tuna patties looks so good with that salad.

  11. Early in my marriage I made a tuna casserole and my husband banned tuna as an ingredient for anything other than sandwiches. Your recipe might convince him to let me have one more try.

  12. Your tuna patties look delicious. I love wasabi too, but I haven´t try it with tuna only with sambal...

  13. I have never made tuna patties before. This is a good idea. I will try this. Will let you how good it is. Looks really good from the picture!

  14. Did I smell something rather fishy? hahahah yet another tuna dish..... hehehheeh I wonder if you put some lemon juice to the tuna, will it taste better?


  15. et bien, quel joli ces recettes, superbes !!! je reviendrai, promis ;-)

  16. hmmm i love tuna patties, serve with yogurt raita!

  17. Yum,Yum, tuna patties, I have to try this, I loved japanese food.

  18. Isha: Thx! It was yummy!

    Lynn: Well, maybe if you don’t tell him that the patties are tuna – he might like them ;-) My husband loves them!

    Retno: Hmm, I might have misunderstood you but you have wasabi with sambal? Or tuna with sambal? ;-)

    Khun Ying: Thanks for stopping by. The patties are very more-ish. Let me know if you like them.

    BigBoysOven: Hehe – well, you know me and canned tuna! I actually like the tuna without lemon juice – believe it or not ;-)

    Claude-Olivier: Merci d’être passé par ici!

    Lia : Hmm, yogurt raita – I haven’t tried that yet.

    Everything4sweets: Hey – you’re back from your trip!


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