Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tortilla du Fond du Frigo

Firstly, I'm going to just say that I’m never ever ever moving countries (except either back to France or Australia of course) ever again! I won’t share the gory details but let’s just say it has been a complete nightmare, what with the house hunting, the job hunting and everything else!

We’re currently living out of our backpacks and in various B&Bs in the lovely Surrey countryside, which actually sounds more exotic (and expensive!) than it actually is. On the bright side…we’ll hopefully be settled in…say…2 months!

Otherwise, moving enables you to develop creativity by trying to use up all the odd bits and pieces that are left in your fridge 2 days before you move out. (I don’t like wasting!)

Here’s what I chaotically put together with what wasn’t already green with mould in our Frankfurt fridge - a tortilla.

A Tortilla du Fond du Frigo (loosely translated to “Bottom of the Fridge Tortilla”) to be precise. I like to give my meals French names – it sounds much more posh and edible ;-)

1 spanish onion diced
1 medium sweet potato sliced (I microwaved the sweet potato slices in order to cook the tortilla faster)
½ a very wrinkly old red capsicum sliced
7 eggs
lots of minced garlic
bits of left-over, wilted “fresh” coriander chopped
½ tsp salt (or to taste)
pepper to taste
olive oil for cooking

There are probably a million ways to make a tortilla but I beat eggs in a bowl and added the cooked sweet potato, red capsicum, salt, pepper and coriander to the eggs.

I first gently browned the diced onion and garlic in a non-stick pan. I then added a little bit more oil to the pan and then poured in the egg mixture. The egg mixture was cooked over a low fire until it was pretty firm. Then the hard part, I flipped the entire tortilla over to cook the top-side. Do this carefully as if you have a big pan, the big omelette will break up into little pieces…though, this is still very edible!

And voila, 20-30 minutes later, you have a delish hot meal to sit down to!
Thank you to everyone for all your well wishes. Hehe! But after the move we’ve just had, you’re all obviously not wishing hard enough! ;-)


  1. Oh, so sorry about the moving chaos. I do not envy you that at all. I'll be praying for you to find a new home soon!

    I love your French name for bottom of the fridge tortilla. I think I will give all my leftovers French names so my family will think they're eating something classy.

  2. my favourie way to eat eggs. lovely recipe.

  3. Oooh, that looks lovely and delicious , no doubt.

    I do empathise with you and your hubs. We've been down that road and I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy (not that I have one that I know of). :)

    We couldn't even open a bank account, can you imagine? We were also moving from B&B until we found a place to rent for 6 months before we moved into this house.

    Give me Australia anytime. I think migrating there is much easier and the exchange rate is better. :)

    Time will iron out all the ripples in your current lifestyle. It does get better.

  4. Lovely recipe.Is this not what is also called a frittata?

  5. I hate moving, all the work and stress really sucks!

  6. Lynn: Well, I suppose it could be a lot worse. We're still healthy and relatively sane! thanks for your prayers. hehe - yeah, French makes everything sound classier than it actually is ;-)

    Bee: I love eggs too!

    Andaliman: It was good! ;-)

    Judy: You know, that is exactly what we're going through! At least my hubs could open an account because he's French but I couldn't even put my name on the joint account!! Such a nightmare! I think once we find somewhere to live (and a new job for me!) everything will sort itself out! I have to be patient...and I'm not a very patient person! ;-)

    TBC: You're right - it's also a frittata. Or in Spain, it's also a tortilla ;-)

    Cynthia: Me too - never moving again for at least 2 years!

  7. Yay, great to see you back...I was thinking about you! I make frittata often coz my dh loves the smell of basil in it....nice to see u back and yeah moving sucks!

  8. surrey is a nice place! enjoy ur stay there though i understand that moving is tough, i've experienced that too! so i'll be wishing harder for u from now on. :)

  9. le titre en francais est quand meme mieux qu'en anglais ^^! Bien joué!

  10. Well ,that happened to me 6 years ago, never again, but you never now, I hope everything will be allright so you and your husband can settle down, first year always tuff but hanging there, you will be allright.

  11. It's still a lovely backpack meal!
    I hate to move too. Now the only move I may think of is...back to home in S'pore :O

  12. wokandspoon,
    Hope everything is going well for you there. :)

    Oh, I want that Tortilla! hehe.

  13. I understand your moving chaos. My PIL just did theirs and they have more than 20 years worth of things inside their house. We just found our new home and will be moving end of the year. Don't think I'm looking forward to moving during winter with a 1 year old in tow.

  14. Your tortilla du fond du frigo looks good, and I'm glad to see you blogging again. Now I'll wish that you'll find a great house and see if that wish works out! ;)

  15. I've been there and it's no picnic. I'm hoping that my last move for one year will happen by January. I hate moving so much, but it sounds like your doing OK with it and living a glamorous lifestyle as a result.

  16. Awww, sorry to hear about your moving problems! :(

    If you hadn't said it was the bottom of your fridge, I wouldn't have known. Looks lovely and has a fancy-sounding name, so that's good enough for me. :)

  17. for the start, you foor is so lovely as usual.
    lastly,... I think B&B in very expensive. Should try to get a place of you own as soon as possible, or not get a council flat or rent a place... not that expensive but make sure about the heaters avoid electric heater, can be very expensive as winter is just around the corner.

  18. so what if i cant pronounce the name of this dish. it still looks really awesome!

  19. Padma: Unfortunately, I’m not completely “back” yet! We’re still house hunting. If I ever say I want to move again, please give me a big kick up the bum!

    Wenching&Esiong: Hehe – thanks! I’m sure it will all work out but in the mean time, I’ll just keep whining about it ;-)

    Claude-Olivier: Le français me semble toujours plus ‘romantique’ et ‘élégant’ que l’anglais!

    Everything4Sweets : Yeah, first years are always tough, but like you said, they get better!

    Tigerfish: I don’t mind moving, I just don’t like all the logistics that come with it!

    Kok: Thanks!

    LittleCornerofMine: Thanks!

    CookingNinja: 20 years of stuff! Now, that would be a big move! Good luck with your move as well! Where are you moving to?

    EastMeetsWestKitchen: Thank you! I’ll let you know if all our wishes come true ;-)

    Kelly: I think moving is only glamourous if you’re a superstar and have lots of $$$ and therefore can pay someone to organise and move for you! Good luck with your coming move too.

    WanderingC: Hehe – it was literally from the bottom of my fridge! Everything was a little wilted!

    BigBoysOven: Good point about the electric heaters – we made sure that we asked if the heating was gas! Everything is expensive in the UK!

    Nags: Thanks!

  20. that is a lovely creation! looks very nice.

  21. I hate moving too,is a mass. Watheever your leftover meal looks great

  22. Looks totally delicious! Wok&Spoon, I can quite relate to what you're going through. But at least we had a company flat to live in for 6 weeks before we chose and moved into our rented one. What's great is we get to throw out the junk and unnecessary stuff collected over the years. Now I swear I won't buy another 'not entirely necessary' piece of kitchenware.

    As for your 'tou chee p'eng' query - I don't know! Only remembered it for the little navel biscuits, with or without sugar on top. ;-)

  23. tortilla! omg.. lovely recipe. I didn't get to try this during my uni's carnival. Appealing and delicious looking! and.. hope everything goes on well for you!

  24. (P.S. Methinks you remembered the "lo p'or p'eng" -- which has a whitish sugary filling and shaped like a flattened 'tau sar pia'.) ^_^

  25. Hey there Wok and Spoon! You must be a very adaptable person, I would be very stressed to be moving so often. I hope everything falls into place for you soon. I love egg recipes and Tortilla du Fond du Frigo sounds pretty good in my head, I just need to make sure I can say it correctly!

  26. Sharmi: Thanks!

    Sylvia: Yep – mess is a good way to describe it. I hate moving!

    Argus: Hehe – we probably just brought our junk with us. I’m never moving countries again! As for the biscuits….mmm. think you’re right. My memory is so bad these days! Hehe.

    Christine: Thank you!

    Oh for the love of food: I’m not that adaptable and I’m stressing a lot right now! Me too – I love eggs!

    Jackson: Thanks for dropping by!

    Retno: Yep – it was quick and easy!

  27. I stumbled to your blog via another blog..REALLY dig your pictures! It's a great looking blog.
    Hope your move is going smooth... =)

  28. :-) food with French names does sound so posh hee hee.

    I hate moving too. I've moved to a few countries and also a few times within a country, so I can related to your experience very much. Since you are in B&Bs maybe you can pretend that you are on vacation, that way it makes it more fun and less stressful?

  29. How are you coping and getting on?

  30. We are moving to Clermont Ferrand. Nice little city. Similar to Nantes but smaller and beautiful countryside to escape to.

  31. Welcome to the UK...the tortilla looks very much edible :)...and yes, it does sound posh indeed ;)

  32. Daphne: Hello! Thanks for dropping by! The move is going….relatively smoothly! Can’t wait till we’re settled!

    NoraB: I’ve been trying to pretend that I’m on holiday but unfortunately, I’m not buying into my own lies ;-) Moving sucks.

    BigBoysOven: Getting there. Only 2 weeks more before we can move into our apartment!

    CookingNinja: I’ve never been there but heard that it’s pretty. Good luck with your move! Hope all goes well!

    Sunita: Thanks!

  33. Just been reading your blog since I've been MIA so long - and welcome to UK - I am sorry it seems so chaotic! Good luck and hope you can get into your own place soon. When you are settled...maybe you can come and visit.

  34. Hey, how is it going? Have you settled down yet?

  35. Msiagirl: Hello! Yep - can't wait till I'm settled again...nearly there!!

    Sunita: We're getting there...very very slowly!


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