Friday, July 27, 2012

Holidays and more sugar

I don’t like packing.  I especially don’t like packing toiletries.  There’s just something annoying about having to either decant shampoo and other liquidy items into smaller containers only to find that everything leaks through the 2 plastic bags that I put it in when we get to our destination.

Anyway, complaining aside, we’re off on holiday!  It’s the usual mad rush so I leave you with a pretty picture of more sugar! Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! Enjoy them and take pics!!

    And i agree about what you wrote ... but its a small price for a lot of joy! :D

  2. You do know that they sell little travel sized toiletries for your convenience?? ;-)

  3. Happy Holidays!! I don't bother to pack toiletries, I just use the hotel ones. :P

  4. Have a wonderful holiday :D

  5. How I wish I can go for a holiday and no need for packing too! Hahha!


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