Thursday, March 08, 2007


It’s no secret.
I’m Asian and I eat a lot! Hubs is always amazed by how much my family can put away in one sitting. We can eat for hours while he’s usually done in about 15 minutes.

Anyway, I not only eat a lot, I also snack a lot (you know, I have to keep my metabolism up for the really big meals!). I’m always on the lookout for healthy or at least semi-healthy snacks. I’m on an Edamame craze at the moment however it can be a bit of a pain to find sometimes. We’re lucky that our local Tang Frères stock it.

I usually just dump a whole lot into a pot of boiling water, then drain the water and sprinkle some salt over the edamame. My Japanese hairdresser in Melbourne tells me that this is a really popular tv snack in Japan, especially during the baseball season!

It’s very more-ish!


  1. Hey Wokandspoon, am just like you, always snacking, then end up not being hungry at mealtime, heh heh.. Never figured out how to appreciate these, though.

  2. Apart from being a sugar junkie, I'm also a salt junkie - that's probably why I like edamame so much - it's the salt!

  3. Haha, you're funny! In that case, it could be any veggie or other medium, then! How long have you been living in France? Like it here?

    As for blue rice seri muka, I remember seeing them when I was a kid, but nobody bothers to colour them these days. Look at this one, with corn!

  4. I've been in France for nearly 3 years now but we're planning to move to Australia by the end of this year.
    I found it really difficult to adjust at first, but now I'm pretty used to life here.

    How long have you been in France for?

    Have you had Pulut Tekan? It's like a rice kuih but coloured blue using the blue colour from a flower...I can't remember what the flower is called but it used to grow wild in Malaysia.

  5. I have a big bag of frozen edamame (just thaw- and eat- kind). ;p
    But my instant reach is always for that bag of potato chips. Healthy vs unhealthy snack, don't make me choose.
    Thx for the link. I'm addin u as well.

  6. hehe, I second and third you on all counts on the Asian and heavy snacking part hehe :) I love edamames too, and I just bought a pack of frozen deshelled edamames, call me lazy ! hehe, hm..think I'll do a stir fry with that ? btw, thx for stopping by my blog, and linking me, see ya around, so, what's the next snack ? *grins*

  7. oh boy, I haven't seen those blue flowers in a while, last I heard from friends is that blue flowers used for the pulut tai2 is getting extinct, so sad ! Btw, where r u from ?

  8. I do the frozen edamames as well - like the Pringles ad goes - once you pop, you can't stop!

    I was born in Malaysia and moved to Australia when I was young, and am now living in France.
    Too bad those blue flowers are getting rare!

  9. oh i love edamame. i eat them up when at sushi restaurants. :)

  10. Me too - it goes well with a good cold beer!


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