Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Nothing in particular

With all my cooking utensils packed away, I’m reduced to having the choice of an extremely worn out frying pan (that we will be throwing out) or 2 tinny pots (not keeping these either) from Hubs’ student days (yes, his mum actually kept all this stuff for us!). I’m going to have to be extremely creative…or not…we could just eat out and drain our savings (but at least we’ll be happy!)!

Anyway, we were visiting our in-laws over the weekend in the Charente-Maritime (ok, not really visiting, more like offloading some of our junk the stuff we don’t need) and my father-in-law who’s and extremely good and creative cook, made this simple but scrumptious prawn cocktail – basically prawns on a bed of a light herbal dressing and thinly sliced potatoes.

For the dressing, I think he basically used minced garlic, olive oil, a little sugar, a pinch of salt, lemon juice and a little bit of fresh mint, nothing too complex. I was too busy playing with the cat to take notes!

Anyway, it’s back to more packing…or REpacking. I had to unpack 2 boxes to get our winter coats out again (I was very optimistic last week). After last week’s great spring weather, we’ve returned to toe-numbing winter weather this week.

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