Saturday, April 14, 2007


We’re in the process of moving house…to Germany! This means moving out of our current apartment in Paris…which means that I haven’t had much time for anything else apart from packing boxes (all 34 of them!).

We’ve also been “camping” in our apartment for the last week as we haven’t had a fridge for a week and a half, and as of yesterday, we don’t have a couch anymore! The couch I can live with, but the fridge – that’s been hard! We haven’t had a cold drink for a while, and no fresh milk! I miss my fresh milk! It’s also meant that we’ve had to plan a little better, that is, buy only the fruit and veggies that we need for the day as we’ve been having a minor “heat wave” here in Paris.

However, having no fridge also having an excuse to eat out more often! Unfortunately, our bank account doesn’t really appreciate that :-(


  1. I thought you were moving to Melbourne?
    No cold drink in that minor heat wave, must be quite a bit to bear with.

  2. We are moving to Melbourne...just after 3-4 months in Germany first. As for the minor heatwave...maybe I was exaggerating a little - it's been about 25C-27C in Paris lately. For France, that's a heatwave. In Melbourne, a heatwave is more like 35C! Still, I miss my fridge!

  3. oh dear, not having a fridge is a tragedy! even if i'm not hungry, peering into it several times a day can be comforting! :) where in germany are you going?

  4. Shipa: Yep - I really miss my fridge!
    We're going to Frankfurt but will probably try to live in Mainz as it looks nicer. Aren't you going on holiday soon?


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