Monday, April 16, 2007

Kunitoraya revisited

Back again to one of our favourite Japanese places in Paris (we don’t have a fridge remember!). This time, I stuck to my favourite tendon, a tempura-topped rice dish, while Hubs went for the Katsudon yet again! You know, when you’re on to a good thing….
The tempura in the tendon was absolutely sublime as always, light and crunchy without being oily. I’ve had tempura at other places and it’s always had a heavier and much oilier.

As always, Hubs waited impatiently for me to take photos before plunging into his katsudon (you can see him with chopsticks ready to go in the background!).

Address: 39, rue Sainte-Anne, Paris

Restaurant décor: Cosy but can be stifling hot in summer
Ambiance: Japanese families, Japanese businessmen and an assortment of other clientele during lunchtime
Service: 4 wooden spoons (the Japanese waitresses are super efficient)
Total damage: 26 EUR
Food: 4.5 wooden spoons (yum!)

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