Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Yesterday, I had a craving.

And ate a whole bag of corn chips.
I’ve been bad.

At least they were organic!


  1. Everyday I have a craving. Ate a handful of Terra veg chips everyday since Saturday. I've been worse. At least they were vegetables?
    Haiz...and I'm NOT pregnant...*lol*

  2. i love corn chips ...but never eat the entire bag .....

  3. Simcooks: Chubby but not pregnant :-)

    Tigerfish: Terra Veg Chips? We don't get them here. Either way, the "Veg" definitely makes them sound healthy!

    Deepa: Thanks for dropping by. I can never the just a 1 corn chip. Not even just a handful. Once I start....I just can't stop!! This is why I try not to buy them at all! Better not to have them at home in case I'm tempted.

  4. Haha atleast as you said it was organic..looks good!!

    btw got another food tag for you!! have fun!

  5. Hey lady, how's it going in Frankfurt? No happening German restaurants to try? At least there should be some Turkish doner kebabs?

  6. Hi Nicole, thanks for tagging...I'll get to it soon!

    Wandering Chopsticks: Things are going great in Frankfurt! We've actually been eating and drinking lots...just keep forgetting the camera!

  7. thats not so bad! what would be bad is if you had an entire tub of dip along with the chips!

  8. Hi Steamykitchen, thanks for stopping by. Um...yeah...did I forget to mention the dip??


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