Sunday, May 20, 2007

Diet? What diet?

Germans love ice-cream! Frankfurt is full of Eiscafés, that is, little cafés with menus completely dedicated to sundaes and all forms of ice-cream and sorbet. Just wandering down 1 block of our local main street in Sachsenhausen, I can count about 3 Eiscafés! That’s pretty crazy.

Anyway, the weather has finally picked up over here so we’ve been indulging in German desserts! Check out the strawberry sundaes. Mmmm, I love strawberries!


  1. Haha. You're as bad as me. I've been eating way too much ice cream lately too.

  2. For me, eaten too much gelato lately. :O diet? die?
    Strawberries ? Coincidentally, I've just dedicated one post solely to strawberries :D

  3. WChopsticks: I luurrvve ice-cream! Plus, Hubs is dairy-intolerant so I have to eat his share too ;-)

    Tigerfish: Ooo, have to go check out your strawberries!

    Akoe: Thanks for dropping by

  4. ice cream is probably my favorite dessert! i had delicious macadamia nut ice cream in hawaii. no pictures though. :( i guess i was too busy chomping.

  5. does any one say no for a scoop of ice cream? off course am not :)

  6. Buddingcook: hehe - I don't blame you for not taking photos! I usually forget as well - too excited when my food arrives!

    Lia: I never say no to ice-cream as well!


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