Sunday, May 20, 2007

Brunching in Frankfurt

The “brunch” I hear, is very popular in the U.S. and becoming more popular in Australia. Many of my friends back in Melbourne tend to do the “brunch” on Sundays where most people sleep in, skip breakfast then have a long and lazy brunch.

However I never really caught on to the idea. Given that most people have only 3 main meals a day, it just seemed that combining breakfast and lunch into 1 meal resulted in depriving me of 1 main meal!

Last Sunday however, after a big sleep in, we decided to stroll over to our local NY Café (yes, that’s its actual name) and have breakfast even though it was really lunch!

Hubs had the English breakfast, while I had the Huevos Rancheros. The English Breakfast was ok. Nothing out of the ordinary.
The Huevos Rancheros was topped with a very synthetic looking and tasting yellow cheese (cheddar??)! Even in the photo it looks plastic!

Anyway, the other thing missing was toast or just any kind of bread. For some reason, meals are not accompanied by bread here, while in France, I’d be jumping up and down if the waiter didn’t bring us any bread!


  1. The second dish looks healthy w/ all the greenery. :)

  2. What's the name of the plastic vegetable?

  3. Which tasted better? The cheese and vege in the Huevos Rancheros do look very plastic. Think I would eat the English breakfast.:D
    Maybe you hv to pay for the toast that was not part of the breakfast.

  4. Oh, I miss those cute little toast holders that came with my English breakfasts. Must have toast to soak up all that grease.

  5. light and healthy breakfast, will be graet with cup of coffee as companion :)

  6. Buddingcook: Well, it was relatively healthy - apart from the synthetic cheese!

    Simcooks: I wanted to know that as well! hehe!

    Tigerfish: I would have eaten the English breakfast - it looked much better!

    WanderingC: I miss my bits of baguette - there's always bread on the table in France!

    Lia: Hmmm, it wasn't really light! it was a bigger meal than I thought! Had to walk it off later!

  7. waw I loved the first picture. the beans looks so yummy. and the sunny side up ohhhh must have had great time.

  8. I think they're some sort of an endive family, I've seen it somewhere, think its called chicory leaves ?


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