Friday, May 04, 2007

Semi-homemade pesto pizza with feta (dedicated to JoeBob)

At the moment, my life is scattered between 3 countries! Hubs and I have personal belongings in storage in Melbourne, at my mum’s in Melbourne, in storage in Paris, in La Rochelle (Hubs’ parents’ place), and also with us! While we’ve got our essentials such as underwear, laptop (I can’t live without my laptop) and passports (!), what we don’t have are my cooking utensils. I’m talking basic things such as a vegetable peeler, baking trays, and even knives – what I wouldn’t give for decent knives!

As we’ve just moved into a “furnished” apartment, we do have some basics such as a very rusty vegetable peeler and a very blunt serrated edged knife. So, we’ve had to invest in a few more (cheap) basics (given that we already have this stuff somewhere between France and Australia) for the time being.

So yesterday, having a craving for semi-homemade pizza, I went on a hunt for a simple tray that I could stick in the oven. Either I’m not looking in the right places or Frankfurt is out of trays. I found one round pizza tray for 33EUR (that almost seems like robbery to me!), which of course, I didn’t buy. But that was about it.

So after much thought (about 5 minutes), I decided to buy a muffin tray (we already have 2!). I figured I could use it to make muffins, and also put a pizza on it. It worked like a charm but we just had to remember that we couldn’t actually cut the pizza on the tray!

I have to give credit to my good friend JoeBob from Nebraska, who introduced me to the joys of pesto and feta on pizza way back in snowy Québec (yes, that’s another story)! And no, I didn’t make the pizza base (I’m too lazy and the breadmaker is in Melbourne).

Pizza topping
Broccoli (I love broccoli)
Cherry tomatoes
Red capsicum
Ready-made pesto sauce

I usually add chili flakes on to give it a bit of a kick, but unfortunately, didn’t have any.

This is what it looked like perched on the muffin tray before it went into the oven.


  1. Yes yes, a muffin pan is really useful. I used it as a "backup" tray like how you used it, when I baked small puffs and pies and run out of trays. I only have one baking tray and sometimes, the area is simply not enough!
    Hang on there, you'll be back in Mel soon :D
    And I think I also cannot live without my laptop ;p

  2. hi, I have to try out with feta, I don't know if you saw my previous post of pizza. your pizza looks so colorful. I use bagel bread as base so its easy to eat and no cutting required. check out that post,you might find some tips.

  3. Tigerfish: The only problem with putting the pizza on the muffin tray is it can slide off quite easily! Apart from my laptop, I'm also addicted to the internet, it's quite scary! hehe.

    Sharmi: Cool - I didn't see that post but I just had a look at it. Using bagels is a great idea! It looks quite healthy as well. The feta is nice after being in the oven, especially if it gets slightly burnt. Mmmmm.

  4. Hehe... wow.. this is first time i see such healthy pizza.

    Er... I personally don't know how to make a pizza. Normally ordered them. It's always super meaty. I guess the most frequently seen vege... er... looks like onion and pineapples :)

    This really open me to a whole new world of possibilities for pizza.

    I love broccoli too :D

  5. Velverse: It was pretty easy - I didn't really "make" the pizza - just dumped a whole lot of stuff on it then popped it in the oven! Yum!

  6. great idea veggy pizza, for sure my hubby love it, thanks for share :)


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