Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sushi craving

Sushi is definitely another one of my favourite foods. I love how you can stuff yourself silly and because it’s not oily, you can still feel healthy after a heavy meal of fish, rice and vegetables. However, you have to watch out for all that rice and sugar (in the vinegar mixture!) if you’re on a diet.

Sushi is one of those foods that you either absolutely love or hate. I know people who can’t get enough of it, and others who won’t go near it with a 500metre pole! But even my French in-laws love it and try to make it themselves. Though I have to admit that I was shocked to see my father in-law make handrolls with cheese (how French is that!) one day. Yuck!
Anyway, I had a craving for sushi the other day, and having not yet sussed out the whereabouts of decent Japanese restaurants in Frankfurt, I decided to make my own. Nothing complicated, just simple hand rolls (I think these are called futomaki). I wanted to make some nigiri but unfortunately, I haven’t found a decent fish shop near our place yet and didn’t want to give myself food poisoning by buying stale fish at the supermarket.

Here’s what I used for the hand roll ingredients:
Japanese short grained rice (+rice vinegar mixture)
Smoked salmon slices
Sesame seed

The best part about hand rolls is that you can add anything that you want (please don’t add cheese! That should be outlawed!).

As for the vinegar mixture for the rice, I never know how much salt and sugar to add in, I just tend to guess! However, most of the time, it comes out tasting alright. I should probably find a recipe for this as I might be doing it all wrong.

So for the rice vinegar mixture, I used 1 cup of Japanese short grain rice, roughly 100ml of vinegar, 1-2 tablespoons of sugar and about 1 teaspoon of salt.

I ended up with a bit too much rice and ended up making giant hand rolls! The results definitely satisfied my craving!


  1. I thought they look great and authentic too! A good way without the need of pots and pans, right?

    Cheese handrolls, the French way? I've ever tried sausage+pork floss+cucumber+egg handroll, the chinese way, and I even attempted to make it, donkey years ago. *lol* ...does it sound more yucky to you?

  2. Well, the Philadelphia roll does have cream cheese in it. ;)

    The back of your nori package doesn't have measurements for sushi rice. The ones I buy here usually do.

  3. Tigerfish: Hmm, pork floss and sausages rolls? Try it and let me know what it's like...I have to say, it sounds a little weird! But if it's selling, it means that they're doing something right!

    Wandering Chopsticks: Philadelphia roll? hehe - is that like a california roll, only from Philadelphia? Cream cheese...another interesting combination!
    And no, unfortunately the back of my nori package doesn't have measurements. Neither does the label on my vinegar bottle! Guess I'll have to buy the type that does have the measurements on the back!

  4. yes yes yes, I love eating sushis, sashimis in the summer time..wow, my jaws is dropping deep..

  5. those Sushi looks amazing. such a creativity. looks like the one we find in restaurants. what is nori?

  6. I liked very much with sushi, but for the Japanese foodstuff was very expensive here:(

  7. No no...the sausage + pork floss filling sushi is not being sold. One of my colleagues made them, brought to the office and I tried making them myself too :P kekekekke....

  8. Yup, Philadelphia cream cheese. I think it comes with salmon.

    OK, I decided to make spam musubi today and lo and behold, the back of my nori packet says for 3 cups of rice, 5 tblsp rice vinegar, 2 tblsp sugar, 2 tsp salt, 1/2 tblsp mirin (cooking sake). :)


  9. MeltingWok: Me too!

    Sharmi: The flat sheets of seaweed are called nori. Almost like the restaurant but the restaurant's sushi always tastes better!

    Lia: Do you have Asian grocery shops where you are? You might find some cheaper Japanese stuff, but yeah, in general, it tends to be a little pricier.

    Tigerfish: Did the pork floss and sausage rolls turn out well when you made them?? Maybe you've hit on a new concept - if you start your own shop, you might be able to make a million with your pork floss sushi!!

    WanderingChopsticks: Thanks for the sushi rice recipe! Only 5 tablespoons of vinegar to 3 cups of rice? I think I used that just for 1 cup of rice!


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