Thursday, June 14, 2007

Poivrons farcis

Ok, that’s just a fancy name for plain ol’ Stuffed Capsicum. I just wanted to make it sound more exotic by using French!

Anyway, it’s not easy coming up with healthy meals when all I want to eat is fat and carbohydrate-laden stir fry noodles and chips! Big fat golden chips glistening with oil and lightly sprinkled with salt…to be precise!

Basically, I had a bit of leftover rice and wanted to use it up, while having a healthy meal at the same time. So I dug out 3 whole red capsicums (or peppers – is that what you call it in the US?) that were starting to get a bit wrinkly and old (things get pushed to the back of the fridge and then I forget about them!), stuffed them and stuck them in the oven.

The result came out better than I thought! The only problem was eating them! There is no easy way to eat these things. No matter how you try, it ends up being a big (but yummy) mess on your plate!

Here’s what I used:

3 red peppers
3/4 cup cooked rice (I had leftovers!)
250g canned tuna
1 egg
1/4 tsp salt
1 onion lightly fried
2 tsp mayonnaise
1 tsp sweet chili sauce
1 tsp garlic
sesame seeds

1. Mix the rice, tuna, egg, salt, mayonnaise and sweet chili sauce in a bowl.
2. Lightly fry the onion and garlic before adding them to mixture.
3. Mix the ingredients well.
4. Remove the stalk, top and seeds from the capsicums. Also slightly trim the bottom of the capsicums to make the bottom level so that they stand up.
5. Oil a baking dish and stand the capsicums in the dish.
6. Stuff away with the tuna-rice mixture!
7. Top with sesame seeds.
8. Bake for roughly 20-25 minutes (or until cooked) at 220C.

Quick and easy!


  1. oohhh ... this looks yummy. I love farcis. hehehe ... indeed farcis sounds more exotic :)

    Thanks for dropping by my site.

  2. yumz! they look so pretty and red. :) very creative.

  3. Exotic and "classy" name indeed!
    The peppers don't look wrinkled to me at all= the oven may have "revived" them :O

  4. i have tried ones lebanese food, stuffed zucini with rice, i think similiar with yours, yummy :)

  5. don't you boil the capsicum slightly before stuffing them? I've only made these once without cooking the capsicums (green) first and after a whole hour of cooking, they were still crunchy! grrr... but mine was a "provençal" stuffing, with anchovies, olives and pork.

  6. Hi CookingNinja: Things always sound more exotic in a foreign language!

    Buddingcook: Thx. I don't even know how long they had been in my fridge for!

    Tigerfish: Hehe - the wrinkles are well hidden!

    Lia: Yum. Stuffed zucchini - how are they stuffed? I'll have to look this up on the i-net!

    Isha: Ya, sedap sekali!

    Shilpa: You know, I was a bit worried that they wouldn't soften but they did! And I didn't have to cook them before hand.
    I'm pretty sure it only took under 30mins - but I'll definitely try again to make sure...then again...maybe green ones take longer to cook? ;-)

  7. Did I see tuna hiding somewhere? Are they in brine or in oil? :) Got to say mae not a great fan of canned tuna.... I hate the fishy smell especially when you microwave them! hehehehe

  8. Hi Bigboysoven: Yep Canned Tuna! I actually use it a lot as it's really hard to get fresh fish around here. Plus, I actually "like" canned tuna ;-) I usually get mine in fresh water - don't like it oil or brine. Yeah, it does smell a little fishy sometimes but I usually rince it first before using!

  9. This article has it all,
    1) catchy French title
    2) good intro to the dish
    3) good photo to leave the reader a lasting impression

    So, the way to eat these big rice stuffed capsicum, is by using a fork and knife and perhaps even a spoon?

    Your photo has three red bell peppers (yes, that is what we call capsicum, in the US). I was told to photograph in odd numbers (by a great photographer, a blogger herself) and you have just done that.

  10. They look really pretty and it's a creative way of presenting the edible containers. haha. Definitely something I'd like to try at home to impress the husband. :-D

  11. Hi Lee Ping: Thx for the compliments. The photo isn't that nice - I'll have to spend more time setting the "scene" up but I'm usually too hungry to do that ;-)
    As for eating them - knife and fork. I just cut into them and everything spills out everywhere!

    Lyrical Lemongrass: You can stuff them with just about anything - any leftovers that you might want to get rid off as well ;-)

  12. "...I'm usually too hungry to do that" :)

    My kids understand that they have to wait until Mommie takes her photo. My husband, said "enough already", while I was turning the dish around and taking my second shot. But, he said it with a smile, so I wasn't upset.

  13. LeePing: Hehe - you have your family well-trained ;-)


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