Monday, July 16, 2007

7 things

I’ve been tagged!

Thanks to Sharmi from Neivedyam, Sunita from Sunita’s World and the Cooking Ninja , I’ve been feeling guilty for the whole weekend, not being able to sleep or eat (!!!) due to the remorse that I’ve been carrying around for procrastinating with this tag.

Ok, maybe it’s not that dramatic (just kidding Ladies!) but it has been at the back of my mind!

Coming up with 7 random things about myself wasn’t easy. I tried to make it as “foody” as I could but you know, the stress and old age, my memory isn’t that good anymore! Oh well, here goes:

1. I’m ethnically Chinese but I can’t speak or read a word of mandarin (apart from a very small handful of characters)! When I was little, I hated the mandarin classes in school as well as the mandarin classes that I had to do after school so I never really put any effort in and made every excuse I could to skip the classes.

I totally regret that now because when I go to Chinese restaurants, I can’t read the Chinese menus and am forced to either order what I already know or go with the boring “foreigner” menus. One day, I’ll properly learn to read mandarin!

2. I was a real tom boy when I was young and would climb trees and run around the neighbourhood with all my boy friends (not boyfriends! I was 7 or 8!). However, the only time I liked playing with soft toys (I never liked dolls!) was when my mum made little pandan cup cakes, filling the house with the most beautiful aroma. I then got to have little tea parties with real tea and pandan cup cakes with my soft toys! MMMmmmmm.

3. I like eating ketchup and plain white rice.

4. I’m a danger in the kitchen. I once burnt rice on an electric stove.
About 10 years ago, I was visiting a friend of my mum’s in Bath and decided to make dinner. I had fish, veggies and rice, everything for a nice meal. The only problem was that I had never cooked rice without a rice cooker before. I ended up putting in too much water in the pot so the rice was very very gluggy. Then once the rice was overcooked, I didn’t take it off the stove, which meant that the electric element, continued to cook the rice…until I started smelling something burning!

So much for my cooking skills! I had just made burnt, dry chuk.

My mum’s friend was very nice however and ate the burnt, soggy rice!

5. Another reason why I’m a danger in the kitchen, I forget that I have things on the stove! I once forgot that I was boiling 2 eggs until I heard 2 loud explosions coming from the kitchen! It was the eggs! The water had dried up and the eggs had exploded from being in the saucepan without any water! Quite dangerous!

6. I love chocolate! I can eat an entire mega long (I think they’re 500g) Milka chocolate slab with whole hazelnuts all at once! Without getting sick…and still wanting more.

7. When I was studying in Québec a long time ago, I cooked seeni sambol (Sri Lankan maldive fish sambal) for 8 friends and it was sooooo hot and spicy that we all had what my cousins and I call, “burny” bums, for the next 2 days ;-)

Only 4 out of those 8 are still friends.

Oh, and my husband obviously didn’t mind as he was also one of the 8!

This tag has been going around the food bloggers in the last week so I’m not sure who has and hasn’t been tagged yet. And I also have to tag 7 people! I don’t have that many friends :-(

Ok, I tag:

Tigerfish from Tezcape
Cynthia from Tastes Like Home
Retno from Kedai Hamburg
Judy from Grandmother Stories

Oh, and because I really really slaved over this tag, you all have to do it too ;-)


  1. Oh..Noooo!, I still have another homework from Aisha, Paknesia food and now from you. Ok..take it easy, I ´m on holiday for a week, so see you next week.

  2. Interesting stuff!
    #3 - I eat kecap (Indonesian thick sweet soy sauce) with rice. Simple stuff can be so comforting. :-) Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.

  3. Ooo... Wok&Spoon, now I have homework?! On top of my Deutsch lessons' homework? Aaiiyeeee....

    (I've a few things similar to yours though. Can ah?)

  4. I have never liked Chinese lessons in school too because my chinese teachers were mean and tends to humiliate those who aren't good in Chinese.

    Wow! The whole slab of chocolate!

  5. Man! I still haven't gotten around to Tigerfish's tag of top 5 local eats! Hehe. So umm, yeah, it'll be a while since she's on the list first.

    Hehe, so you wanted my Firklover bad huh?

    And it's interesting to know how you met your husband. :)

  6. Thks for the tag! Will try my best! I need to slave 10 times harder, since I owe so many bloggers so many memes :p

    Give me half of 500g of chocolate? The fish sambal - was it when you developed an immune liking for chili? LOL!

  7. Mmm, I thought I commented here earlier.
    I said that like you I regretted not learning Mandarin.
    I think tomato sauce with rice is eeewwwww....disgusting. :)
    I was wondering if those boyfriends of yours were in the Jalan Durian/Jalan Duku area. They might be boys I have played with? :P

  8. I loved your MEME, I laughed so hard particularly at No. 7 (lol)

  9. Lovely details of yourself! Unfortunately, I can relate to #5 - it always gets me reproachful glances from my boyfriend who thinks that I'll set the apartment alight one day...

  10. Retno: hehe – if you’re lucky, it’s the same piece of homework so you only have to do it once! Have a good holiday!

    Norab: Hmmm…I’ve never tired kecap manis with rice alone…..interesting!

    Argus: Hey don’t complain! I had to do the meme on top of my Deutsch homework as well ;-) And I have to say, it was more fun doing the meme than the Deutsch homework!

    CookingNinja: Yep – I was really bad at Chinese! And yes, the whole slab of chocolate!!

    WanderingC: Hehe – yep – I wanted your Firklover!!

    Tigerfish: Hehe – I still owe EastMeetsWestKitchen a tag as well! Shhhhhhhhh don’t tell her! And hey – I don’t like to share my chocolate! ;-)

    Judy: Hehe – the ketchup and rice is when I’m really really really lazy! Hmmm…the boys that I used to hang around with actually lived on the other side of that big main road that goes all the way to Port Klang. But I remember that there were a couple of boys living in the house opposite to Jalan Durian.

    Cynthia: Thx!

    Eva: Thx for coming by. Hmm..maybe we should both invest in fire extinguishers? ;-)

  11. very intresting hehehe...
    oh goshhh!!! u r really a chocolate lover hehehe...
    thx for sharing a bit about yr self ^_^

  12. really interesting! i did the same with you, when i was in primary school my papi sent me to mandarin course but i run away on the next day hehehehheheheh

  13. Fun to learn more about you. Thanks for sharing. I laughed at the rice and ketchup - that sounds like such an American thing. My mother-in-law likes to serve my kids rice with milk and sugar.

  14. hi,hi, no 5 is funny and scary, probably some one will get heart attach because of the explotions, I remember my friend, he put the whole egg in the microwave and exploted,sounds like small bomb, funny but scary.

  15. Hee hee! Wolfed down a 500g bar of Milka? (Didn't know Milka was made in Austria till recently. My Deutsch teacher is Austrian.)

    So your hubs knew he was getting a 'hot one' when he proposed, eh? ;-)

  16. Dear WokandSpoon,

    I love reading anything personal, not because I am a "busybody" but because I like to know my friends at a deeper level. I had fun reading 7 fun things about you.

    I would love to be able to eat a BIG bar of chocolate (with hazelnuts) and not feel sick a day later.

  17. LOL "burny" bums...have I ever known how it feels like...not pleasant at all!


    I think south east asians grow up to have metal bum cavities, which is why we tolerate heat so well *nods*.

  18. hey that was a beautiful meme to read. I enjoyed the kitchen accidents part:))

  19. Isha: Yep – I love my chocolate! ;-)

    Lia: Hehe – yeah, I used to make all sorts of excuses but I totally regret it now!

    Lynn: Rice with milk and sugar? Is that American?? Hehe! I had a friend who used to eat plain rice and soy sauce!

    Everything4Sweets: Yeah, I got a fright then I had to sit through my husband lecturing me about forgetting things on the stove ;-)

    Argus: Yep – one of those super long Milka bars! I looovvee chocolate and nuts! I always thought that Milka was Swiss! But I think that Kraft owns Milka now –so it’s now American.

    As for the Hubs…hehe, at least he knew what he was getting into before he married me!

    LeePing: I like finding out more about the people behind the blogs as well. Hehe – yeah, eating a big bar of chocolate without feeling sick takes practice! I have had lots of practice ;-)

    ExpeditedWriter: Hehe – I love my hot and spicy food but I’ve learnt to tone it down a bit for the husband…though I’d been secretly adding more and more spice in so that he builds up a higher tolerance ;-) One day, I’ll be able to just put as much in as I want!

    Sharmi: Thx. Hmm…don’t know if I should have admitted to my kitchen accidents ;-) now the magic is gone!

  20. "3. I like eating ketchup and plain white rice."

    Might not be as strange as you might think. Had a dinner party once. Huge one. At the end of it I was dead tired and drunk on good Bavarian beer. My Danish friend came late and all he could muster for himself was some leftover white rice and a bottle of my Asian chilli sauce.

    Next day, when I was sober, he told me that was the best Asian eating he had! LOL

  21. have you ever tried banana chips with chilli garlic sauce, it is yummy .....

  22. It was great fun to go through your meme :D...its really something else when one tries to analyse oneself...

  23. Kenny: Hmmm..chili garlic sauce and rice! That sounds really good!!

    Everything4sweets: No I haven't but I will have to !!

    Sunita: Thx. I love reading everyone else's memes as well!

  24. "Burny" bums? I call it "ring sting", haha!! OK, this is too crude for a food blog! Sorry! :-P

    Ketchup & white rice, haven't tried yet, but I have stirred buter into hot rice and it's heavenly!! :)

  25. Shilpa! Hey - you're back! hehe - "ring sting" - that's funny!
    Butter into rice - mmmmmmmmmm.

  26. I love ketchup and rice TOO!!!

  27. Steamykitchen: Hehe - good to know that you're easy to cook for if you ever come over for dinner


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