Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tilapia à la nectarine salsa

The great thing about food blogging is getting to know all the other incredibly creative food bloggers out there and then stealing being inspired by their ideas. After seeing Jaden from SteamyKitchen’s delightful mango-melon salsa and also EastMeetsWestKitchen’s equally luscious lychee salsa (thank you ladies!), I wanted to make a fruit salsa too!

The only thing standing in my way was the lack of quality fresh mangos or lychees in Frankfurt. What to do? Well, substitute!

I’m terrible at creating (and following) recipes so here’s what I roughly used for my fruit salsa:
2 very ripe and super sweet nectarines
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp lime juice
¼ Spanish onion diced (I like raw onion!)
fresh coriander chopped
pinch of salt
pinch of chilli powder

Mix all ingredients, mash the mixture a little and voila, there you have it – a nice sweet, salty and spicy salsa.

The other thing that I didn’t really think about is what to have the salsa with! I was so keen on the salsa that I didn’t think about what to serve the salsa with. Luckily I had some Tilapia (that almost sounds dirty!) filets on hand.

I don’t ever remember seeing Tilapia in France or in Australia so I have no idea what kind of fish this is. When I bought it, I just pointed, said “Ja, ja, ja” and paid! Anyway, the fish is just simply seasoned with a salt, pepper and olive oil mixture.

I love fried fish but I’m not big on the frying part as the apartment tends to be filled with super fishy odours for days on end. So to make the frying time shorter, I zapped the fish in the microwave for a few minutes till semi-cooked, then lightly fried it to brown the sides.

I piled everything on top of some rocket and that was last night’s meal! I am still eating semi-healthily to compensate for all the German beer that I’ve been drinking. Only 3 weeks till we leave for Melbourne so I need to keep the spare tyre under control!

Anyway, I really loved the fruit salsa with the fish but the Hubs inhaled the salsa quickly so he could squirt ketchup all over the fish! Hmmmpfff! Some people have no taste!


  1. Hmm...i'm not really a big fan of fruits + meal sort of girl but this looks really good. I feel like digging in with a fork at this very moment :P

  2. Your cook look healthy and fresh. Hmmm....a good combination, good to have nectarines after eating fish. Your can have a quite good quality mango in ALDI. Yesterday, I bought 3 mangos from that store.

  3. Good-looking and tasty combination, WokandSpoon!
    When you said 'inhaled', I had a picture of bits of nectarine and onion going up your handsome hunk's nostrils. ;-D
    Ooo... I just love rucola, too.
    Yes, I got a nice size, very sweet Burkina Faso mango from an Aldi store for a reasonable price in Switzerland.

  4. YUM - I adore nectarines...and they are on sale right now. I'm going to make this tomorrow for a dinner party.

  5. You are so creative, nice combination , fish with fruit, maybe next time try chicken or beef with lyche , is also delicious.

  6. Your substitution turned out great! I like your presentation, it looks so inviting with the colorful salsa. YUM!

  7. Tilapia is my sister's favorite fish. I also like the salsa, it's very summery.

  8. wokandspoon,
    I seldom have fish in Perth here. The reason? Too expensive! hehe.

    By the way, thanks for the link. :)

  9. That looks good. I'm not very creative in cooking yet. I hope one day I can cook as good as my mom and my MIL. They can just whip up some delicious dishes from whatever is left in the fridge. :)

  10. what a clever recipe, yummmm looks delicious! fruity salsas are so good w/ fish i bet this is just wonderful!

  11. Tilapia is a very common fish in Malaysia, my dad used to catch them all the time. I can relate to your thoughts about fish frying in an apartment! You're going to Melbourne for a holiday?

  12. Nice one! Don't you just love how colourful salsas are?

  13. Good idea. I have bought Tilapia from Tesco before when it was on offer. Next time I will serve it with this salad.

  14. Nectarines in a salsa sounds as good, girl!
    But I don't really like tilapia (too strong a muddy taste)....maybe tt's why your hubby wanted that ketchup;p ...maybe the salsa would go better with salmon, cod (less "stinky" fish)...hee the fish would not "overpower" your salsa. Love your salsa!

  15. ikan bakar, ikan panggang, sambal ikan bilis hehehe :PP

  16. I love tilapia, and your salsa sauce sounds lovely. Too bad about the ketchup though. Haha. At least he enjoyed the dish right?

  17. Expedited Writer : You know, neither am I but I actually liked the fruit salsa and the fish ;-)

    Retno: Unfortunately no Aldis near us – only Rewe – I’ll have to see where the nearest Aldi is.

    Argus: Hehe – the rucola sounds like riccola – that Swiss bonbon. Hmm, Aldi must have good mangos – you’re the second person to say so – I’ll definitely have to try to find an Aldi. There are none near me :-(

    SteamyKitchen: Hope you had a good dinner party! Yum!

    Everything4Sweets: Hmmm…chicken with lychee salsa – that could be quite nice ;-) Have a look on EastMeetsWestKitchen’s blog – she made lychee salsa that looks lovely.

    LittleCorner: Thx. I was surprise it came out quite well ;-) The nectarines were really sweet.

    Kelly: You know, I had never heard of Tilapia but it was actually really nice fish – not “fishy” at all. I’m not big on “fishy” fish.

    Kok: Hmm, you think fish is expensive in Perth. I pay roughly at least 1.80EUR per 100g of fish here!

    CookingNinja: I’m not very creative either – I prefer to work from recipes but then again, I’m not very good at following recipes either ;-)

    Aria: Thx for stopping by again. That was my first time having a fruity salsa with fish and I was pleasantly surprised.

    Ohfortheloveoffood: I think that the walls absorb the fish smells! Yep – going to Melbourne for 10 days! Can’t wait ;-)

    Cynthia: Thx! The salsa really made the photo look better for sure ;-)

    Judy: Hello there! And I must remember to get TimTams from Tesco the next time I’m in the UK ;-)

    Tigerfish: You know, I actually lovedthe Tilapia because it wasn’t stinky! I don’t like “fishy” fish and Tilapia didn’t actually taste or smell “fishy”! I even wanted to buy more but the fish bus ran out by the time I got there. Hehe – our taste buds must be different.

    As for the husband, he wasn’t too keen on the fruit-meal combination! He puts ketchup on EVERYTHING! Even on rice!

    Meltingwok: Mmmmmmm sambal ikan bilis!!! Then my apartment would really smell “fried”!

    LyricalLemongrass: Me too – I really liked the Tilapia. As for the husband – he liked the fish as well but just preferred ketchup ;-)

  18. Tilapia is huge here in Brazil and I can see myself making this delicious dish, too! :)

  19. Hi Patricia: It's so weird - I've never heard of Tilapia before - never seen it in Australia. I'll have to take more notice I think!
    You might be able to use loads of other fresh fruits in Brazil as well ;-)

  20. Think our taste buds are similar- I don't dislike tilapia, I'm just not a fan of "fishy" fish! Perhaps the tilapia I've tried here are mostly's why. :(
    I think we are closest on the snacking and chocolate part. Hahah!

  21. One of my friends told me that mango-strawberry salsa goes well with grilled fish. I remembered looking at yr fruit-based salsa..Lovely photo!

  22. Tigerfish: I'll have to try the Tilapia again to see whether it was just the 1 good batch that I bought! maybe I just go lucky the last time ;-) Hehe - shhhh - don't mention chocolate - my stomach might hear!

    Suganya: Thx for coming by. Mango-strawberry! Yum! That sounds nice as well! Perfect for summer weather!

  23. a very very healthy food wokandspoon ;)

  24. I like the spicy salsa and love fruit salsa. Thanks for the recipe.

  25. Nectarine salsa sounds good. Nice colorful pic!

  26. Isha: Thanks!

    Khun Ying: Thanks for stopping by!

    Tbc: Nice to see you again!! and thanks!


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