Friday, August 24, 2007

2.5 weeks later

First of all, thank you everyone for all your Happy Holiday wishes! I had a great time and why oh why do holidays go so quickly?!

So, what do I have to show for 2-and-a-half weeks of constant eating my way through Melbourne and (very briefly) Malaysia? Tighter pants and an enormous muffin top (yes, it has grown, even in 2.5 weeks!)! Oh yeah, and a much smaller bank balance ;-) It would be great if it was the other way around: smaller muffin top and a bigger bank balance!

Anyway, with all good intentions, I had planned to document and photograph each and every morsel of food that touched my lips. However, unfortunately, as soon as I laid eyes on that first dish of spicy Korean calamari in Melbourne, all those good intentions just got sidelined and all I had at the end of those meals were just empty dishes!

So, what exactly did I do in Melbourne?

Seeing as I wasn’t taking photos of the food that I was scoffing down, so, what exactly did I do in Melbourne?

Well, I was discovering all the changes that Melbourne had seen since the last time I’d been there…I discovered that Melbourne was now a proud owner of at least one Krispy Kreme outlet! I can’t remember where I first read about these sumptuous doughnuts but I know that I didn’t think twice about hot-footing it in there (more than once!) and walking out with a box of pure sugar, which I had to fight both my Husband, AND my mum for a taste! Grrrrr!


  1. Welcome back! Enjoy your Crispy Cream Doughnuts!!:))

  2. welcome back!! Krispy Cream is quite hard to resist. It takes all my strength to not grab one whenever I see them in the grocery store I frequent. ;p

  3. welcome back!!!! iam waiting ur lovely story from the jouney :)

    donuts look invitating :D

  4. Welcome back! Missed having you around.

    Hot off the frying vat and sugar glazed that melts in your mouth is the only way to go with Krispy Kreme.

  5. great to know you had a nice vacation. the donuts look sinful :D

    thank you dropping by and saying am cute :D

    gingelly oil is also known as sesame oil or til oil. It is widely used in South Indian cooking and its relatively healthier than other oils. You can read more about it here.

    Thank to you, even I read up on it :D

    Blogrolling you.. will come back and check your post-vacation cooking.

  6. Yay! So happy you're back! You made me want a Krispy Kreme right now at 2 am. Must go raid the fridge next. Welcome back!!!

  7. wokandspoon,
    Welcome back! Hope you enjoy your holidays. Ohh...Krispy Kreme! I'll blog about that too. :P

  8. Sounds like my kind of vacation - I try to eat all the stuff I miss when I am back in S'pore. Except my sis usually makes me go to the gym with her every morning when I'm there. I go along because it means I can indulge without feeling guilty. :-)

    So what was your fav. donut flavour? The only donut I ever liked was from a chain called Tim Horton (similar to Krispy Creme) in Canada and it was Boston Cream with Maple glaze. yumm....

  9. Welcome back,missed you around. This dough nuts looks amazing,very soft.

  10. Hi,welcome back,missed you,will be waiting for your next post about your trip, nice picture of dougnuts.

  11. alors ca a part au macdo....pas ici ^^ Bon retour parmis nous !!

  12. Oooh, I wanted to know what you ate in Malaysia...tell me tell me. :)

  13. Tout très bon : post, nourriture, texte et tout. Des félicitations et ont un bon weekend

  14. Welcome back, dearest! Girl, I so know what you mean about good intentions and taking pics of everything you eat but as soon as you spot something that you have been longing for or find irresistable, all thoughts of taking pics are cast aside. :D

    Noticing the food additions and changes in one's home town is always interesting huh...

  15. welcome back honey!! hope you had a great trip. I and my Son enjoyed your tim tams sent to Padma. thanks for that:)

  16. Nice to see you again in ur blog. Ur dougnhnuts look so tasty, are they almost similar taste with Dunkin Donut?

  17. Asha: Thanks! We enjoyed those doughnuts completely!

    Mandy: I had heard of them before but that was the first time that I had had them!

    Lia: Thanks!

    WanderingC: I missed being around and checking out all the great food on all the blogs around! Mmmmmm Krispy Kremes!

    Nags: I didn’t know that Gingelly oil was sesame oil – I use that pretty often! Glad to know that there are health benefits as well!
    Blogrolled you too!

    EastMeetsWestKitchen: hehe – you have Krispy Kremes in you fridge?? Can I come over?

    Kok: Thanks! I had a great time!

    NoraB: Hehe – I indulged and didn’t feel guilty about it ;-) And no – I didn’t see the inside of a gym either! I just trained myself to not think about all the food I was eating ;-) Tim Hortons! That’s my favourite doughnut chain as well! They do this apple cinnamon doughnut that’s just pure heaven!

    Sylvia: Thanks!

    Everything4Sweets: thanks! I’m glad to be back as well!

    Claude-Olivier: Merci!

    RasaMalaysia: I think you might like my next post ;-)

    DavidSantos: Merci d’être venu!

    Cynthia: Thank you! Yes, that’s exactly what happened! Plus with family meals, hehe – it was hard to hold back my Chinese-Malaysian family by saying “wait, wait, let me take a photo”! When it comes to food, they wait for no one ;-)

    Sharmi: Glad to hear that you got a bite too ;-)

    Retno: Thanks! Krispy Kremes were better than Dunkin Donuts!

  18. Time flies when you are having fun.

    You can get Krispy Cream at Bluewater. :) I am not exactly a fan of KC.

    Did you manage to satisfy your tummy with Tim Tams?

  19. these are the donuts that i will fight for too - glazed, choc, and powdered sugar. YUM!

  20. Judy: Hello! Yes, time does fly faster when you're having fun unfortunately! And yep - I totally stuffed myself with Timtams ;-)

    Tigerfish: I liked the plain cinnamon one! The chocolate glazed one was a bit too sweet for me - but perfect for Hubs' sweet tooth!

  21. I can eat a box of those in a sitting, of course I'm a good girl and only eat 1 or 2. :) I love the custard, caramel, or jelly filled ones. :)

  22. Amy: That's really good willpower (that i don't have!)!

  23. wow, i sure miss krispy kreme doughnuts. it was so delicious! even though the queue was really long but it was really worth waiting! i really hope they'll have it in malaysia soon.

    looking forward for ur next post, hope u're doing fine in the uk! :)


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