Sunday, August 26, 2007

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

…these are a few of my favourite things!

My mum’s fantastic homemade super hot and spicy nasi lemak (she cooks it without using a recipe!)! I ate plates and plates of this in Melbourne! By the time I was done, I was sweating, peeing and pooing ikan bilis (anchovy) sambal! ;-)

(the photo doesn’t do it justice!)

Diving off Perhentian Besar in Malaysia. It’s like swimming in one giant heated aquarium.
(Photo by one of our dive masters Ozzie – sorry Ozzie, had to swipe your photos as we have none of our own!)

Oh and naturally, the slightly expensive (it’s an island – they have to ship food there!) meals after the dives.

Being a fairly small island (I know, even though it’s Perhentian Besar, it’s still small. "besar" = big in Malay), there are not a whole lot of decent eating places. In fact, most of the places actually served up pretty crappy food!

However, it was still Malaysia so even the badly cooked food was still way better than many many Asian restaurants here in Europe!

Among our regular eating haunts on Perhentian Besar were the Tuna Bay restaurant and Abdul’s (my personal favourite for the beach we were on).

Iced Milo at Tuna Bay! (Yes, I know it’s just Milo but I haven’t had it for ages!! There's no Milo in Germany.) Very average mee goreng and kuay teow at Tuna Bay but eating right on the beach made up for it!
The Hubby’s satay at Tuna Bay.

Not too bad kangkong belacan at Tuna Bay (my mum does better!).

Plate-licking hot and spicy sambal sotong (squid) and sambal long beans at Abdul’s! Mmmmmmm! We ate here a lot but I just kept having the same favourite dishes: sambal everything!

Thanks everyone for all your very sweet comments about missing me! It's nice to be loved ;-) hehe!

I’m still catching up on all the fantastic eye and mouth watering meals that everyone’s been posting on their blogs! So much food and so little time!

Before I forget, a bit belated but thanks Sharmi for the Rocking Girl Blogger award. I’d like to pass it on to a billion of you out there but it looks like everyone has already been nominated at some point or other! So this is for for every foodie female out there including:

Grandmother Stories
A whiff of lemongrass
You're all Rocking Girl Bloggers!


  1. I've heard and read so much about nasi lemak and would love to try it :)

  2. Welcome back! It was nice to be pampered by mom with her homecook dishes eh?

    Looks like you really enjoyed a lot of spicy M'sian food in Melbourne, great trip!

  3. I LOVE the Satay.What a wonderful array of food, YUM!:)

  4. I am surprised to hear that there's no milo in Germany! At least I can find it here in the International food shops...I bought back a bottle of Ribena from M'sia the last time I came back.;p Sounds like you had a good trip!

  5. sweet...thank you!! And welcome back (to cyberspace). What great pics u have! :-D

  6. Hi,thanks for the rockin girl blogger, u are so nice. OMG all the nice Malaysian food,making me homesick, yum, I love nasi lemak, kangkung belacan, sotong etc, yummm........

  7. you sure had a feast. the pics look so good.

  8. Sounds like a fantastic holiday. All the food....I am green as kangkong from envy!

    Nice to have you back. I was wondering where exactly are you at this moment. Germany or UK? :)

    Oh, thanks for the award. I am so embarassed! :))

  9. The peeing and pooing have done justice to the nasi lemak :)
    Great to have you back.

  10. Wow ! look at all that must have had a great time...and do rock

  11. That dessert shake looks great! I love satay, what was the dipping sauce?

  12. Love the pictures, especially the iced Milo. Made me want to have one now. :)

  13. oooooooo goshhhhhhhhh all the food u have been post its great, Malaysian and Indonesian we have the same typical food, and really u made me mouthwatering!

  14. awwww, thanks for the award! :) didn't realise you were away, but it looks like you had some real fun! been too preoccupied to cook anything that hasn't already appeared on my blog.. :(

  15. pulau lovely....divers heaven...comes with such local food...simple and yet so delicious.

  16. Sounds like it was an awesome trip! Welcome back.

  17. I have to try your mother's nasi lemek one the Satay too, your much have enjoyed having that wonderful food..

  18. Wow ! What a fantastic holidays. I love Malaysian and specially Indonesian food.By the way I saw Milo in Chile,in argentina we have some similar products

  19. wokandspoon,
    I don't know when's my last time tasting nasi lemak. I want my nasi lemak!

  20. welcome back and sounds like you had a fab time on holiday! mmmm thinking about that sambal!

  21. I saw the picture of the spicy nasi lemak and made me miss home. I came from south of Thailand. We have similar dish. Yum! I can tell your mum is a good cook too. I also miss Milo too when I saw your picture. I used to have it everynight when I was in Australia. Yum!;))

  22. What a wonderful holiday, Wok&Spoon! And diving too -- off my favourite East coast.

  23. Cynthia : You definitely have to try it! I’ll have to make some myself as well!

    LittleCorner: Thanks! It was nice to be cooked all the home cooked food! I ate so much!

    Asha: I love satay too!

    Mandy: I haven’t seen any Milo in my supermarket here at all unfortunately! I love Ribena – haven’t had that for a while either!

    LyricalLemongrass: Thanks!

    Everything4sweets: I’m homesick as well…for both Malaysia and Australia!

    Sharmi: Yum, yes, a great feast!

    Judy: It was a great holiday! Still in Germany but should be in the UK very very soon!

    Tigerfish: Hehe – yes, I ate so much! At least my mum was happy that I ate so much!

    Sunita: Thanks and I had a great holiday!

    Kelly: The sauce is a peanut sauce that comes with the satay.

    EastMeetsWest: Milo is a comfort drink for me!

    Lia: Yep – Malaysian and Indonesian food have many similarities! Your blog makes my mouth water all the time!

    Shilpa: I know what you mean about being preoccupied! I’m moving (again!) soon and it’s totally stressing me out and I’m not cooking at all either!

    BigBoysOven: Perhentian is heaven! I want to go on holiday again!

    Lynn: Thanks! I’m suffering from post-holiday blues now.

    Padma: Hehe – I want more nasi lemak as well! I need to practice cooking it!

    Sylvia: You have Milo in Chile! Cool!

    Kok: Can you get good nasi lemak in Perth?

    Msiagirl: Thanks and yep – I had a great time! I’m thinking about that sambal as well!

    Khunying: Mum is a great cook and I’m missing her cooking! What is the nasi lemak dish in Thailand called?

    Argus: How’s your holiday going?!

  24. hi wok&spoon, seems like u had a wonderful holidays with comfort food around, specially mom's cooking.

  25. i've had milo before. it tastes healthy! doesn't it.. :D i think it is. hehe

  26. Give me anything sambal and I will be in heaven. I love sambal...that's why I will never give up Malaysian food. Perhentian is lovely, don't you think? So rustic. I like it. :)

  27. Isha: I had great holidays!

    BuddingCook: It's sort of malty chocolate! yum!

    RasaMalaysia: Me too! I loooovvveee my sambal as well! and I adored Perhentian!

  28. Oh my goodness I use to eat those cookies when I was little too! I have no idea what they're called. In fact I haven't seen them in ages until your photo. Oh I feel so nostalgic now. :)


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