Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Last minute!

After overwhelming evidence that half of the foodie blogging world has never laid eyes on a Tim Tam, this has compelled me to share some of the joy around. So, seeing as I’ll be in Melbourne for the next 2 weeks, and I’ll be in reach of Tim Tams (all day long!), I’m going to send a packet of Tim Tams to 3 deprived foodie bloggers.

Before I go any further, I really apologise but I’m going to disqualify foodie bloggers who live in Tim Tam accessible countries ie. Australia, New Zealand, UK, and um…Malaysia and Singapore…unless of course, you swear on your wok, blender and overworked oven that you have never ever let a Tim Tam cross your lips and have absolutely no way to obtain any of that most craved for sweetness.

The other disclaimer is that if you are one of the chosen ones and have a packet with your name written all over it, I will do my best to airmail it to you. However, while Australia Post is very reliable, I am in no way responsible for any hungry postman, postal worker, customs officer and others who decide that the packet is for them rather than for you.

Oh, and I’m also not responsible for melted Tim Tams sitting in letter boxes in the heat of summer (for those who are actually having a real summer!). I’m also too lazy to check if I can send foodstuff to where ever you are (customs restrictions for your country?), so I’ll just cross my fingers, stick the stamps on and post!

Anyway, if you’re interested, let me know (email, comment etc) before 9pm Saturday (Frankfurt time please!) and I’ll put all the names in a big salad bowl and pull 3 names out (you can send me your snail mail addresses later). I’ll hopefully be able to organise and let you know before I leave on Sunday.

If I was a millionaire I would send you all a packet! Unfortunately, the Lotto Fairy hasn’t yet come my way!


  1. Freebie lucky draw, count me in!
    Since I have not seen or eaten it before and I'm in the States.

    BTW, how to e-mail you huh?

  2. So generous of you! Tim Tam should pay you for all your PR work for them. ;) I have tasted it 5 years ago, but can't get it here. Does that mean I'm deprived too?

  3. Hi, You are a generous person, may the tooth fairy granted your wish, ups sorry the lotto fairy what I mean, hi,hi :)

  4. I also haven't heard of this, thanks for sharing. If you see that lotto fairy, send her my way. I could use it.

  5. this is also new to me, will surely hope the lotto angel knocks your door..and we get some tim-tam to taste... :(

  6. What a great idea! I've never had a Tim Tam! Once a coworker of mine went to Australia and brought some back.. he sent around a company wide e-mail "I have Tim Tams in my office, come by to try one"... I hot-footed it over there, but I was too late, they were ALL GONE!!

  7. Have fun in Melbourne!

    I wonder if our fellow bloggers know about the vast variety of Tim Tams that are available like tia Maria, Black Forest, Chilli....and the cute packaging of the regular one. Istead of "Tim Tams" it has cute captions like "hide me" on it instead. Good marketing!

  8. You're so generous and thoughtful, WokandSpoon!
    But, as my sis is coming here from Sydney in October, I'll ask her to bring me a pack of Tim-Tams. Thanks for thinking of us hungry bloggers in Europe/US/etc. ;-)
    Wish you a safe and wonderful trip!

  9. Have a great holiday in Melbourne and Malaysia, W&S! Nice idea sharing the Tim Tams! ;o)

  10. well all the best with your lotto. I wish I get some Tim Tams !!

  11. U're so great...but I'll pass. :-) I'm still excited to see who the lucky winners are, though. :-)

  12. wokandspoon,
    You're way too generous and kind! I think Tim Tam should be proud they have such a spokeperson. haha!

  13. LittleCornerofMine: You’re counted in. Sorry, I meant that you could leave me a comment too. If you still want to email me, my email is in my profile ;-)

    EastMeetsWestKitchen: Yes, you’re deprived! I’m counting you in too. ;-)

    Everything4Sweets: Hehe – thank you – I have enough teeth for now ;-) I’ll count you in too.

    Kelly: Counting you in as well. Um, if I see the Lotto Fairy, I’m keeping her for myself! ;-)

    Padma: Counting you in ;-)

    Janet: Yes, that tends to happen with Tim Tams – they go quickly! I’ll count you in too.

    NoraB: You know, I don’t even know what varieties are out now!! I haven’t been back for 2 years!! Looking forward to discovering them all ;-)

    Argus: Not really generous – just want to share the love! Hehe! Definitely ask your sister to bring you MORE than 1 packet!! Hope you have a good trip too!

    WanderingC: Hehe – yep CHOCOLATE! I’ll count you in!

    Ohfortheloveoffood: Thank you!

    Sharmi: Thanks Sharmi: I’m counting you in!

    LyricalLemongrass: Wish I could send more! I’m still crossing my fingers for that Lotto Fairy! Maybe I need to start an import/export business – but purely for Tim Tmas ;-)

    Kok: Did you have Tim Tams in Australia? ;-)

  14. wokandspoon,
    I'm still in Perth. Definitely had it before. haha!:P

  15. Please sign me up. Chocolate? Yes! Is there anything you've been wanting to try from the Northwest of the US? We could swap.

  16. oh~ you are such a sweet, generous soul! Proud to see a fellow Malaysian sharing something so yummy with those who have never tried Tim Tam before. Although I really love Tim Tam, I will pass this up, and leave the chance to others to experience the joy of "Tim Tam"!

  17. I have laid eyes and saliva on Tim-Tam in S'pore and Aus before, but I'm deprived of Tim-Tam in the US. ;) Does it count? Hee heee...
    and you know, the chocolates in S'pore/SE Asia vs Aus/NZ vs some other location(esp if different manufacturing locations) taste different coz of the dairy used?

    I'll wait for you to strike the million/billion to get my Tim-Tam :) Meanwhile, I wanna pass on this chance - let other Tim-Tam-deprived try that wonderful biscuits! Love Tim-Tam!

  18. about me? could you please count me too?. Have a nice time in Melbourne.

  19. So nice of you to spread the love (of chocolate Tim Tam) around the world! ;o)

  20. meeeeeee please count me in....LOL
    you are too kind and generous :)

  21. hmmm...what is a Tim Tam? Sounds like something you chew when you've eaten too much spicy foods!



  22. Kok : Enjoy Perth!

    Lynn: Ok – you’ve been counted in!

    Mandy: Maybe you can write to Arnotts and get them to export to the USA?

    Tigerfish: Yes, I totally agree. Chocolates definitely taste different depending on the country. For example, Cadbury chocolate tastes heaps better in the UK than in Australia!

    Retno: You’ve been counted!

    WMW: Hehe – just sharing the love!

    Richa: You’ve been counted in as well!

    SteamyKitchen: Seeing as you’ve never heard of TimTams, I’m counting you in too! And this is a TimTam!

  23. Wokandspoon, hahaha, I disqualify.
    Also, did you know that if you are in London, Covent Street, there is a shop called Aussie shop and they have tim tams there (Aussie version)?

    Happy holidays and happy timtam-ing.

    When I first came here, my friend sent me so many packets of timtams and because they are so good, you want the whole world to know (right?), so I started to share them to nearly all I know until my kids complained that they had none left.

  24. what??! free choc??! *LOL* what a kind and generous person u r wok&spoon. since im a choc lover, wish i can tested auss tim tam T_T

    have a nice n safe trip wok&spoon

  25. Very sweet. Tim-tams sound fabulous, but since I've got some chocolate in my cupboard that's been calling my name, I'll let someone else enjoy! Fun post!

  26. Since I don't really have a sweet tooth, I'll let someone else enjoy.

  27. How generous! I have tooooooo much chocolate in my pantry however, i think others who crave it deserve it more *nods* :) Just read that you just came back from your trip in Paris and Charentes, sounds like you had fun and don't worry 'bout the food pix. You can make up for them in your later kitchen escapades ;)

  28. great idea! but for some custom reason here, i can not recieve packet which is food items :((

  29. Tim Tam???!!!...the very name is tempting enough...never heard of it before....yaaay!!!That means I qualify for the draw too :D...fingers crossed.

  30. Judy: Thanks!
    I’ve also seen that Aussie shop! At least I know that TimTams aren’t that far away!

    Isha: I’ll count you in then!

    Susan: Thanks! Enjoy your chocolate!

    Cynthia: No sweet tooth???!!!

    ExpeditedWriter: Thanks! Hehe – enjoy your chocolate as well!

    Lia: Wow – that’s not good not being able to receive food where you are :-(

    Sunita: I’ve counted you in!


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