Saturday, March 03, 2012

Some days

Some days I wish I could press the reboot button.  It’s the days where I wake up at 5:30am for no reason at all on my day off.  It’s the days where I singe the ends of spaghetti by trying to cook in a too-small-pot and turning the burner up too high.  It’s the days where I burn the rice by leaving it too long (rice cooker is on the blink) for no reason at all except that I’m a danger in the kitchen.

On days like these I resort to the only thing that I can cook… fish fingers.

Recipe for fish fingers and salad

1. Open box containing frozen fish fingers.
2. Take out fish fingers and place on tray.

3. Put tray under the grill. 
4. Grill till cooked according to instructions on the box.  Try not to burn.
5. Take salad out from packet.  Place on plate. 
6. Place fish fingers on salad.

 Dressing for salad
1. Open sweet chilli sauce bottle.
2. Drizzle over fish fingesr and salad.

All done.
To add to the day, my baby pooed in the bath (sorry too much information)…while her big sister…and all the bath toys were still in it. 

For days like these I look forward to the evenings when the house is peaceful again and I can sit back with a large glass of red in my hand…until I remember that I’ve given up alcohol for Lent.


  1. I have bookmarked this recipe for future reference ;-)
    Hope your day is getting better!

  2. Ok, I don't like the pooped in the bathtub thing, imagine the clean up that you would have to do. I would pull my hair for sure. :P

  3. I say why not? Some days I cannot bother to cook, too!

    1. Ever had a fish finger sandwich? That's my other quick comfort meal.

  4. Yup, I have some days like that also, I like fish finger with salad, and it's healthy too :)

    1. Hehe - depends on how many fish fingers you eat!

  5. Hey! Welcome back! I tried to leave a comment earlier but the word verification would never show up.

    I had given up and thought you were immersed in new mommyhood, which you still are, but glad to see you having more time these days. :)

    1. Hello! Yep - still immersed but getting lots more sleep now. Makes a world of difference!


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