Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sugar 1, Willpower 0.

Sometimes I get a craving so strong that all I can think of is satisfying that craving.  These days, my willpower doesn’t just lose; it takes a beating, turns around and runs the other way screaming for help.
Today it was sugar, coconut candy coated sugar.  I had boxes to pack (moving soon) and meals to cook but all I wanted to do was make coconut candy.  Sickly sweet coconut candy that leaves your teeth feeling like it could do with a good brush – with an industrial sander.  Coconut candy that leaves your saliva so sugary that it makes you cough as you swallow.  That’s all I wanted. 
A quick rampage through my cupboards and I was one step closer to satisfying that craving.

The recipe is based on this one from however I doubt that there’s anything healthy about all the sugar.410g light condensed milk
1.5 cups caster sugar (original recipe used 2 cups)
3 cups desiccated coconut
½ tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of salt
1. Heat the condensed milk and sugar in a pan.

2. When the sugar has dissolved, add the vanilla.

3. Make sure the fire is turned down low, add the desiccated coconut to the mixture and stir until it thickens.
4. Add any colouring (optional). 

5. This article suggests a way of testing if the candy is ready by dropping a spoonful into a glass of water.  If the candy hardens and doesn’t crumble or break, it’s ready.
6. Spoon the candy mixture into a tray and press firmly.

I had some natural food colouring to use up so added a few drops to the finished candy, which made it look slightly marbled.
To make it slightly less heart-stopping, I reduced the sugar in the original recipe and left out the butter (original recipe added 100g butter).  I meant to give some of the candy to friends but ended up eating more than I should have!
As I sit here chomping on my umpteenth piece, I wish you all a happy weekend and hope your willpower wins over any sugar cravings.


  1. Ha,ha , I love sweets, I try to cut down, but it's so hard :(
    Your candy looks so yummy :)

    1. Everything4sweets: I know - I have no willpower. Everytime I make sometime, I have to eat half of it!

  2. Hahaha... As for candy goes, I have the willpower, the one I don't have is over cookies!! :P I received this coconut candy as a gift before, definitely delicious!

  3. I have no willpower over anything I love T_T sobsss

  4. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who has no self-control when it comes to desserts. This looks delicious!

    1. It was delicious - really sweet! Good for a sugar hit.

  5. Hi! This post made me laugh, I do the same thing sometimes, I have a one-track-mind! Your candy looks delicious even if you did need to get out the industrial strength sander!

  6. Ha! I have these moments some times as well. But I convince myself that home-made stuff is better!

    1. At least we know that there are minimal additives! Just sugar - lots of sugar.


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