Friday, January 10, 2014

Ferrero Rocher Topped Nutella Cupcakes

After weeks of indulging over the Christmas festivities, the 12 days were up and I decided to wipe out all traces of the jolly season by eating all the biscuits and chocolates that we had been given. (Well, you can’t start a new year with new resolutions while all these temptations are lying around) 

Trust me, this was no easy task but I managed it by nibbling slowly through the shortbread and the giant box of Celebrations…and then discovered that we had 2 left-over boxes of Ferrero Rochers. Shock horror! 

Instead of inhaling these mini golden balls at one go, I decided that the chocolate might go better with even more chocolate and sugar to top it off! 

Thanks to Pinterest, voila Ferrero Rocher cupcakes….well, more like Ferrero Rochers on cupcakes. 

What I used for the cupcakes: 
1. My favourite vanilla cupcake recipe from Sweetapolita's super-duper vanilla cupcakes minus the sprinkles. (Fluffy and moist, these cupcakes are indeed super-duper.) 
2. 12 tsps of Nutella 

What I used for the icing: 
Sweetapolita's Nutella Cloud Frosting 

What I did: 
1. Make up a batch of your favourite vanilla cupcake batter and divide batter into the cupcake pan. 
2. Swirl a teaspoon full of Nutella in each cupcake. In hindsight, this didn’t swirl easily so I just dropped it in. It would have perhaps been easier to fill the cupcake after baking. 
3. Bake! 
4. Let the cupcakes cool and ice with Nutella cloud icing. 
5. Top with a Fererro Rocher chocolate. 
6. Eat about 3 and a half in 1 hour!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too - it's the fudgy crunchy nutty centre that I love!

  2. they look so DIVINE!!! and I'm not supposed to look at sweets haha... and hello... welcome back! Happy New Year!.. I hope to see more of you this 2014!

  3. Wow these sound delicious! I love Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and all things hazelnutty so these are right up my street!

  4. Yay! Glad to see you are back in this cooking-blogging world! And with an amazing post! im sooooooooooooo drooling over the pictures! I wish it was winter to start baking again but its too hot right now to even think about it!

    1. Noelia, I'm glad to be back! Hoping to do more this year :-) Hope you are well!.

  5. These are just absolutely gorgeous, those swirls are IMPECCABLE! Lovely idea adding the rocher on top too, I was going to make a cake similar to this recently and completely forgot about it. This post has just ignited the thought, thank you :)

    1. Thanks Emine but I always struggle with swirls! No 2 cupcakes are ever the same :-)

  6. These cupcakes look amazing! I love nutella and the frosting looks so good! We have some Ferrero Rocher's still lying around and these cupcakes sound perfect for using them up, thanks for sharing Fiona :)

  7. I love the name and the cupcakes look so good .

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