Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yum Yum Sup Sup – continued…

Being a Melbournite, I couldn’t resist listing my Top 5 for Melbourne as well. I’ll make it quick and not bore you with long descriptions. Melbourne is definitely foodie heaven and I apologise if any of these places are now outdated, it’s been a while since I’ve been back!

My Top 5 for Melbourne

1. Pathee Thai, Revolver Upstairs
Reasonably priced scrumptious Thai food in a grungy laid-back setting. You have to climb a very steep staircase and head right to the back of Revolver Upstairs, pushing past the cool rock kids sprawled out on worn-out couches. Dig into spicy Thai food while knocking back a cool Hoegarten (on tap!). Lots of vegetarian options!
229 Chapel Street, Prahran

2. Kimchi
GrandmaRibs, hot steaming dumplings, sizzling spicy octopus, all accompanied by several free side dishes including kimchi, beansprouts, and other little savoury salads. Hidden out in modest Carnegie, this place is worth the trip there!
125 Koornang Road, Carnegie

3. Vegie Bar
As the name suggests, this is an all vegetarian place serving creatively assembled vegetarian dishes, wheat and gluten free cakes (it sounds bland but trust me – YUMMY!) and organic wines (EXTRA YUM), amongst other delicious morsels.
378 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

4. Espy Kitchen
An institution, The Espy in St. Kilda has been a stable watering hole for generations of Melbournites. The Espy Kitchen, while not fine dining, serves up solid pub meals from fish and chips to Asian-inspired dishes. Convenient to grab a bite after several pots of beer!
The Esplanade, St. Kilda

5. 7 Apples
Still in St. Kilda, this gelati/ice-cream takeaway is the perfect spot to grab a cool dessert before strolling down the St. Kilda pier on a warm summer’s evening. Choose from flavours such as the basic vanilla to more exciting options like ferrero rocher and apple pie!
75 Acland Street, St. Kilda

I could keep going on here as well, but like I said, I’ll keep it (relatively) short and sweet!


  1. thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I think I am the odd one in that list.:)) feels good.
    I am a vegetarian, so if I don't comment on your non-veg posts please do not mistake me.


  2. Hi Sharmi. I'm semi-vegetarian myself - not out of any conviction but I'm just a fussy eater!

  3. I only remember one of the best beer-battered scallops I've had along the coast of Melbourne.
    Oh, now that Asian food is not such an easy find in Germany, you should be yearning to return back to Mel, right ? :D

  4. Tigerfish: I miss a good fish and chips as well! I just need to find a decent Asian grocery store here (well, any Asian grocery store) and I'll be fine! I'm actually enjoying Frankfurt funnily enough!

  5. you know at times just having a nice name for a restaurant already attracts me before I even see what they serve. "7 apples" sounds just so nice.
    And after looking at your description... woohoo... I'll surely stop by :D

  6. wow so happy to see you enjoying yourself with the tag!! must definately try espy kitchen and 7 apples when i go melbourne next...

  7. Velverse: 7 Apples is great though it can get erally crowded during summer - people hanging out the door!

    Nicole: Yep - I definitely had fun with the tag! The Espy is great! Sticky carpet and all.

  8. Haha... ouch.. and I tot I plan to go aussie next summer. Sounds like advance booking :D.

  9. Velverse: Summer is a really nice time to go to Melbourne! Lots of restaurants have terraces so you can sit outside and eat and drink your holiday away!

  10. i owe some pleaseeeeee :)

  11. wooo.. great... sounds like summer it is for me to go aussie :D

  12. Your category caught my eyes today.
    I have not been to any of these 5 restaurants you named. I should give them a try the next time I'm back in Melbourne.


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