Monday, May 21, 2012

The Kitty

After the blood, sweat and tears that I shed over the Penguin, these Hello Kitty cupcakes only required some sweat.  Just a little.

No blood or tears involved at all. 
However I was armed with a secret weapon. 

What’s the secret weapon you ask?  This!  A Hello Kitty cutter (I love eBay!). 
The tools:
1 Hello Kitty cutter
1 round icing tube (size 4)
1 flower cutter

The putty:
White sugar paste (I used my favourite recipe).  I didn’t add any white colouring so the faces are a bit off-white.
Yellow sugar paste (I added turmeric and yellow gel paste for this)
Purple sugar paste
Pink sugar paste

Nb: I added gel colours to the white sugar paste to get my colours.  I’m not a big fan of artificial colouring and tried using Queen natural extracts but the colours didn’t come out as I wanted.

All I had to do was roll out the white sugar paste and stamp out the little faces.

How cute do they look?
Add the noses (I used the icing tip to cut out the noses) and flowers.

Then let the pretty ladies dry out in a container for a couple of days.
Pop the faces on cupcakes of your choice and it's time for a party.

Gotta love the Kitties.


  1. Too cute! Love that cutter of yours!

  2. you so have to do my wedding cake-cupcakes..
    i think I also want the penguin/hello kitty combo!

  3. Awwwww... I so want my kids to be little again. I want their smiles and oohs and ahhs. These are so sweet!

    1. There's just something about Hello Kitty that all little girls like.

  4. That cookie cutter is perfect! hahaha ANd the cupcakes look amazing! I cant remember the last time i bake some .... i may need to do it

    1. Thanks Noelia. Anytime is cupcake time :-)

  5. To be very honest, I don't like hello kitty. But i know if i'm going to do Matthew's wedding cupcakes, i may have to learn how to do them.

  6. Wow so beautiful, you did a good job, I really love it :)

  7. i don't think i will have the patience- the power of the love of a mum!!! It looks perfect!

    1. Thanks! It was love and obsession! I couldn't stop once I started.

  8. Those are just too cute! Perfect for any little girl's birthday party!

    1. Or a little boy? I'm sure there are some little boy out there who likes Hello Kitty? Maybe...?


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