Thursday, April 26, 2007

German servings

Being in a little town, we’ve been totally blown away by the prices of food here. Coming from Paris where prices are inflated to the maximum, the prices almost seem unrealistic. In fact, the prices seem inversely proportional to the actual proportions of food! Huge servings at a nice price.

We’ve been haunting a little Asian eatery with surprisingly relatively decent food, given that we’re in some tiny lost town in Germany. For a grand total of 3.90€, we were presented with a huge plate heaped with noodles each. We have since learnt to only order 1 plate of noodles or fried rice between both of us.

The only problem was in ordering the very first time we went there. Given our limited non-existent German language skills, it took us a while to decipher the menus until we finally learnt that they had an English menu! And even then, it took us a while to work out the English translations.

“Roasted vegetables and rice” gave me the impression that they were being extremely creative by using oven-roasted vegetables and serving that with a nice sauce and rice. However, when we started reading “roasted rice” and “roasted noodles”, we realised that by “roasted”, they actually meant “fried”!

Either way, the roasted noodles weren’t half bad.


  1. looks tasty! how long are you in germany for?

  2. Hi BC. To tell you the truth, we're not 100% sure how long we'll stay. Hubs' work contract goes for 4 months...then we'll see...!

  3. I'm surprised that a tiny town in Germany has Asian eatery and from the looks of it, it seems half-good?
    "roasted" means "fried"...? hahahhaha...
    So good to be able to travel here and there, the only hateful part is the "move".

  4. wow nice. :) that must be fun to get immersed in the culture.

  5. Hey, the char kway teow in your little town looks quite good. I tried having it in Cambridge when I tagged along with my hub there and it was gawd-awful. I felt like telling them, "Please don't use the name 'Penang Char Kway Teow' on such a HK-type noodle with all the 'wrong' ingredients."

    If I can find fresh kway teow noodles in Switzerland, I'd fry char kway teow myself.

  6. hi Argus: I wish I could find fresh kway teow noodles here as well!


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