Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Restaurant Adélaïde, Carcassonne

By the time dinner rolled around the first day that we were in Carcassonne, we were struggling to find a decent place to nourish (stuff) ourselves. Amongst all those tourist traps that called themselves restaurants, there were just more tourist traps! I was starting to get worried (when I get hungry; I get grumpy), until we stumbled across this gem of a place, which was hidden way off the extremely beaten path.

I have to admit, the only reason that we initially entered the Adélaïde was because of the funky orange décor. I have a thing for orange walls! We were pleasantly surprised by the relatively “bold” menu (they had dishes other than cassoulet) and the easygoing and friendly waiter (who was unnaturally efficient for a French waiter).

Initially we weren’t too sure about what the food was actually going to be like, given that the place was near empty (usually a bad sign). Later, we just figured that this place just wasn’t on the main tourist hunting grounds.

The first evening that we were there (yes, we went back!), feeling like our arteries had been sufficiently clogged up by eating out 3 days in a row, both Hubs and I went for the vegetable fettuccini. Not a very adventurous choice but it was deliciously healthy topped with a rainbow of fresh vegetables. By then, after trudging around for an hour looking for a decent restaurant, we were so hungry that the food was gone before I even though about taking a photo. So no photos of the food!

On our second visit, this time we were ready and armed with our trusty digital camera, however charmed by the grilled calamari (my choice) and the grilled steak (Hubs’ choice) and a little unnaturally happy due to the aperitif (I have a weakness for kir), I completely forgot to take photos again!

And the desserts! We only had one (clogged arteries remember?) to share – a delectably decadent pear crumble, served upside down like a tarte tatin. Yum!

So if you’re ever in Carcassonne and struggling to find a decent restaurant, don’t miss:
Restaurant Adélaïde
5 r Adélaïde de Toulouse, CARCASSONNE

Service: 4.5 wooden spoons
Ambiance: 4.5 wooden spoons (hard to go wrong with a little Edith Piaf or Gotan Project playing in the background)
Total damage: roughly 40EUR for 2 (including about 4 drinks and dessert)
Food: 4.5 wooden spoons


  1. I love castles too!
    Dream is to see Neuschwanstein.

  2. I just looked up Neuschwanstein. Wow. I have to admit, I had never heard of it till you mentioned it. Coincidentally, we're moving to Germany next week - no where near Neuschwanstein unfortunately!


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