Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Carbs galore!

Still on the subject of last weekend, what else did we eat apart from very expensive Tim Tams?

Well, German food of course!

German food was definitely great opportunity to replenish my body with those food groups that I’ve been missing: sugar, carbohydrates, fat….! To add to that, there was a huge street festival in our neighbourhood filled with just food and alcohol! And for a change, it didn’t rain! What more could we have asked for?

Anyway, in Frankfurt, the best place to fill up on German food on a cool winter summer’s day but the traditional Frankfurter Ebbelwei taverns.

Ebbelwei is apfelwein (apple wine) or in other words, apple cider. I’m not really sure exactly what the difference is between apfelwein and cider (apart from what I can find on the Internet) but apfelwein tastes less sweet than cider and has a cloudier liquid.

In any case, we’re lucky that we live in Sachsenhausen where our main street has 2 of the oldest (so they claim) Ebbelwei taverns in Frankfurt. These taverns are filled with long, solid and dark wooden tables and benches, and are often filled with merry Germans digging into hearty meals!

The first couple of times that the Hubs and I went to one of these taverns, we were completely unfamiliar with the food and so ordered by pointing at dishes that someone else was having at the table next to us! This time round, we knew what we wanted!

This is what I had.
This dish is apparently a Frankfurter speciality: Grüne Soße (pronounced “groone sosse”, something like that). The sauce is a mixture of herbs and sour cream, yogurt or cream. This lovely sauce is served usually over plain hard boiled eggs and potatoes.

Hubs on the other hand, being very dairy-intolerant, decided on the stereotypical German meal: sausages, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. His mashed potatoes seemed to have been mixed with what we thought was apfelwein, which gave it a little sweetness.
And we washed all that down with apfelwein naturally! 2 hours later, we all strolled out of the tavern clutching our bellies ;-)

Here’s a picture of what apfelwein is usually served in! Ok, the jug’s not usually that big but you get the picture ;-)
And this picture is for Lyrical Lemongrass who loves German beer! No, it’s not the umbrellas that you should be interested in; it’s what’s written on the umbrellas: Schöfferhofer, my current favourite German weizen beer.


  1. You got that right, missy! Love them german wheat beers! I'd do anything for one right now. And that yummy looking plate of sausages too! Mmmmmm.

  2. Oooo! How I wish I was there! Was in Frankfurt and Munich over Oktoberfest few years ago, and LOVED the people, beer, and food, especially the big, soft, chewy pretzels! :)

  3. Ah, the joys of Deutsch cuisine and beverages! Oh, ja, my other (Deutsch) half likes to mix slices of apple into his mash potato. And also onion - to my chagrin. I'd wail, "Cook the onions first, for my sake! You know I can't take raw onion." ^_^

  4. Haha. If I didn't know the language or cuisine, I'd probably point at random entrees too. :P

  5. Nymmm...wurst (sausages), sauerkraut und kartoffelbrei....lecker!. I used to make mash potato or kartoffelbrei by my self. My kids love it. So..After German´s food, you can try my Rendang,..he..he.

  6. Carbs are actually my favorite food group, I'm glad you got a few.

  7. What a wonderful meal. I love sauerkraut and Schöfferhofer. I have a good friend who is German but she cooks other types of food & not German...I should ask her to make some German food for me ;-)

  8. wow what a food adventure, When I visit switzerland I always bought saurkraut mit bratwurst in bahnhoff, yumm

  9. Your dish is too healthy for me. I prefer the other one - German sausages, lest the sauerkraut.

  10. I'll take a sausage if you don't mind. :)

  11. OHHHH!! YUM!! I REALLY like THIS blog!! heheheh!
    Now I know where you spend your time!!
    The photos are YUM-TASTIQUE!!!

  12. Hi Lyrical: Hehe – the only problem with the German beers is the spare tyre that comes with it ;-)

    EastMeetsWest: Oooo, I love pretzels as well! I’ve never been to Oktoberfest but I hear that it gets pretty crazy!

    Argus: I actually quite liked the apple in mashed potato! You’ll have to post some of your Deutsch other half’s eating habits on your blog ;-)

    WanderingC: Hehe – yep, it was pretty funny! Though sometimes the food looks better than it actually tastes!

    Retno: Heheh – what about Rendang and spatzle?

    Kelly: Me too! I’ll be getting plenty on holiday next month!

    Nora: Yep – that was a seriously hearty meal for a cool summer’s day!

    Everything4sweets: Heheh – sausages and sauerkraut – very German!

    Tigerfish: I’m not too keen on sauerkraut and I love boiled eggs! And it wasn’t that healthy – it came with a ton load of fried potatoes! Yum!

    Cynthia: Hehe – sure – help yourself ;-)

    IslandGirl: Hiya! Hehe – yeah, I loooovvveee food!!!

  13. great food, is that a giant jug? hehehe...

  14. Great idea, Wok&Spoon. Yes, he has his own particular (and peculiar to M'sians) likes and preferences. He eats durian - while I don't. Heh.
    Yes, I do like the bits of apple in mash, too, but not so much the onions. ;-P

  15. It has been a long long time since I have any German food. I love their sausages and their beer and other stuff. Oh, my ex German colleagues and boss once ordered Frankurt beer for me as a prank saying that you have to have this famous beer and I didn't know what it was till I drank it. Yuks!

  16. I lived in Munich for a year as a child. When we got there we had no idea what to order so our first night we all had weinerschnitzel, the only familiar (and expensive) item on the menu. I miss beautiful Germany!

  17. hey, I have tagged you for random MEME in my blog. hope you will be interested.

  18. You have been tagged again...check out-

  19. Isha: Yep – that was a giant jug which was actually a little apfelwein bar!!

    Argus: What?? You don’t eat durian???????

    CookingNinja: Hehe – what was the Frankfurt beer that you drank?

    Lynn: Hehe – at least you managed to find something familiar on the menu ;-) We’ve since become a bit more familiar with the food and can now order without pointing at other people’s meals!

    Sharmi: Hiya! Thanks for the tag – I’ll have a look on your blog!

    Sunita: Hello! Thanks also for the tag…this will keep my hands full this weekend ;-)

  20. hehe. beer? spare tyre? decision decisions decisions! for the mo, I like my german beers, girl!

    what?? argus doesn't eat durians????

  21. I think it is called Frankfurter Beer but I'm not so sure. It taste really awful - like watered down beer: half beer and half orange. That's what it tasted like to me at that time.

    Btw: I have tagged you in my blog. No obligation to participate - only if you have time. :)

  22. i love your blog... adn can't wait to have you throw some new beers at me... i love hoegaarden..which you introduced me to.. i have it as a rare treat... as i am usually driving and take the on tap light beer ;-) hehehehe i did introduce another freind to it and they are not usual beer drinkers and loved it ... keep rocking our worlds..!!!! and when are you going to release a book of you food and rink experiences????

  23. Lyrical: Hehe - yep - that's what she said - Argus doesn't eat durians ;-) The horror!

    CookingNinja: Hmm...I'll have to look out for it - I haven't tried this one yet! Sounds a bit like shandy! And thx for the tag! I'm working my way through it!

    Matt: Hello! You can get Hoegaarten on tap in some places! You're not looking hard enough!! ;-) See you soon!

  24. i loved sausage especially served with frebch fries!

  25. Hi Lia: hehe - we could almost call them German fries! hehe.

  26. I suspect you're thinking Heineken and ikan bakar, hawker style while eating your lovely tilapia dish nya nya ? hehehe, have a pleasant trip home, do not come back, and I repeat until you're well fed, 'k ? *hugs*

  27. MeltingWok: Hehe - don't worry, I'm sure my mum will feed me to the brim ;-)


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